Feeling down and out; in need of motivation!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I am feeling so down right now. I haven't had a good workout in a while and made some bad food choices this week! I know I am responsible for my own actions, but really, why does this have to be soooo hard?! I'm frustrated and lacking my motivation. I don't want to gain any weight back, but of course I will, especially if I don't change my food choices. I'm about to reach that point where I'm willing to let it go, but I realize that I've done well thus far. How can I get myself out of this icky slump that I'm in. I've even been considering taking some pills in order to get rid of the rest of this weight. I'm gaining, losing, gaining, losing! I REALLY need to get myself together! I'm in desperate need of some motivation!!!!!! emoticon emoticon
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    Today is a new day! Go for a walk today and eat a big salad and some lean protein for dinner... that's two healthy choices that you'll have made. A good way to lower your calorie count is to build all your meals around which fruits and vegetables you'll be eating.

    It takes time to develop healthy habits, I'm still working on not indulging cravings for unhealthy foods. But you'll get there, and you don't even need to be motivated! You just have to make those healthy choices every day without even thinking about it. Have an apple instead of a cookie. Hold the mayo on that sandwich. Go for a quick run in the morning. Do 30 sit-ups. All these things are actually totally easy to do! You just have to do them, instead of worrying about how enormous a challenge losing weight seems to be.
    3941 days ago
    You are half way there by recognizing that you are in a slump and reaching out!! Changing an entire way of life take weeks and months! My last "slump" lasted for two weeks and cost me 15lbs! I takes me months to lose 15lbs but only two weeks to gain them back! I dusted myself off and dug right back in. When I am down and out I read as many motivational pages as I can find, I decrease my calorie range slowly back to the normal range. I can't go from a 4,000 calorie a day binge back to 1,500 a day over night.

    So you have been down and out and over ate lately, life happens! Life is always happening, changing, and pulling us around.....Life is MANAGED, not CURED. We will never wake up one day and be "cured" of this. When I want to throw in the towel and kick and scream, I try to take the focus off my weight for a wile and back to how I'm feeling. Do I feel good when I'm over eating? No. I try to remember a time when I was doing really good and remember how I was feeling then compared to now or what was I doing?? Sometimes I'll go back to Week one and set some fast break goals or work on just one healthy habit a week.

    Hang in there and never give up on you! The darkest night leads to the light! Good luck to you!
    3941 days ago
    Thanks for the encouraging words! I can be my own worst critic sometimes! It does take time, but I've been trying for sooo long now, and I'm feeling almost defeated. However, I will continue to push on and see what type of results I'm able to get within the next few months. Thanks again!
    3941 days ago
  • MAKI1213
    Don't beat yourself up. You are human and will make bad choices here and there. Go out and do just 30 minutes of something today and you will feel so much better. Even just walking!! Today is a new day! the past is the past, so just leave it there. Use those "bad choices" as energy to burn:-) Good luck to you!
    3941 days ago
    You have admitted to the problem and that is half of the battle. We learn many things as we try to become healthy through diet and exercise. What we learn are good habits that have to become life-long habits in order for the journey to end where we want it to. You have to dedicate yourself completely to what needs to be done and I believe that you can. Patience--you did not get unhealthy in three months and it will take you longer than that to become healthy. emoticon emoticon
    3941 days ago
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