Hugging my children a little tighter....

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm shaken up and just needed to share this with you.
My 10 yr old son and his best friend/neighbor LOVE to take a bike ride after school each day. This past Monday, they did not get to meet up because we had alot going on. His friend still went riding (alone). We got home late and neighbors told us the police had been at our house. First thing Tuesday morning, I got a call from the friend's Mom. An abduction attempt was made on her son! Had we been home, my son would've been involved in this (or maybe it wouldn't have happened at all...power in #'s?) It was shocking, devastating, but fortunately, the boy escaped and is ok. This literally took place on my cul de sac. The poor boy tried coming to our house for safety but we weren't home (i still feel TERRIBLE about that) The police have pictures of the car AND the alleged abductor and they are coming today to see if my son recognizes either. The kid is a nervous wreck about this.
We live in an beautiful community. The homes are roughly 4,000sq ft and we all have 1-4 acres of land. It is spacious and lush. Low crime rate, excellent schools, ENORMOUS taxes :( Overall, this is a prime location to raise a family. Some creep also thought it was a prime location to stalk our children. He has NO IDEA how tight this community is....and what we are willing to do to keep our children safe. HOW DARE THIS MAN attempt something like this here!
This is a HUGE wake-up call to all that live in this "wally world" (as I call it). Good/Bad is EVERYWHERE! We are not exempt.
Thank the Lord that this wonderful little boy is alright. Thank God my child is safe and sound too. Unfortunately, we've changed the rules about bike riding. But there is plenty for the kids to do in our safe, enclosed backyards.
Hug your children a little longer and tighter....spend extra time with them.....make sure they know how special they are! I certainly am.
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    Because of my childhood I raised my son to fear vans/strangers/people who approach him/people who make him feel weird/etc....do I feel bad about that, No!
    We live in a wonderful area and I've let him walk, ride etc. We use walkie-talkies...
    He was so proud one day when he saw a person/car that made his caution 'feeling' kick in. He came home saying 'Mom you'd be proud of me, I hid in the trees till this person left and then ran home as fast as I could".
    Talking to your kids and even having a stranger 'test' them is always a must! We also have a code word in case someone tells him they are picking him up for me from sports after school.
    I'm sorry it had to happen but a little fear keeps us alive! emoticon
    2899 days ago
  • MELINA05
    OMG Terry, I am speechless!!!! How terrifying! I am so glad the little boy is OK. Hope they catch him and throw him away for a very long time. Take care, HUGS, Melina
    2904 days ago
    Glad everything turned out alright! How scared his mom must be! and yes i"m hugging mine a little tighter today too. Thanks for the insight.
    2905 days ago
  • MRE1956
    O M G.....I feel so bad for what you've experienced (and given your ENORMOUS tax situation - yea, I'm from NJ, so I completely "get it" - one would think that you'd get what you pay for in terms of safety in your own neighborhood).....


    Here's hoping that human piece of garbage gets nabbed ASAP!

    2905 days ago
    Oh my gosh, that would give me nightmares for sure! I am so glad that your son's friend was able to get away, what a horrible experience he has been through. I doubt his parents will ever feel comfortable again with him out of their sight. I watch my kids closely, but it's scary how quickly things can happen like that in your OWN backyard.

    I look periodically online to see if we have any sex offenders in our neighborhood or nearby streets and some people may call me over-protective, but I really don't care because I couldn't live with myself if something happened (which of course it still could no matter how careful you are).

    I'm so glad your son didn't go and wasn't involved although it sounds like he is being affected by having to talk to the police and I'm sure that is scary for him. emoticon emoticon
    2905 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/12/2010 8:05:51 AM
  • NEWNAC304
    I am so glad that your son's friend was able to escape. That's just awful that something like that can happen in a nice neighborhood like yours. It's so scary having kids these days. Things like this never happened when we were younger. Here's a hug for you and your son. emoticon
    2905 days ago
  • SRFRGRL7163
    It doesn't matter where you live, it could be anybody, a neighbor, friend or family member. Belive me, I know. We always suspect strangers and our kids need to know it could be anybody. Thank God the boy escaped, and I pray this man is caught quickly. It's a shame that our children aren't safe to play outside. Good luck to all of you.
    2905 days ago
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