New Update Pics (30 days)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I can't believe it's been over a month already since I started my healthy living. It's been a hard but rewarding experience! I still have one more week until I'm done with the Slim in 6 program and after that I'm going to do 30 day Shred and/or P90x. Healthy eating + Exercise is a must in weight loss!!! The past 2 weeks I've been slacking on my workouts..I went from exercising 6 days a week to 4-3 days a week! Tisk tisk tisk. But hey it's a new week so time to stop slacking and get serious. I've definitely kept up with eating healthy even though my exercising lingered..I think if I followed the workout routines like I should current results would be better but I'm not least I know what I've been doing works!

So how was everyone's Mother's Day weekend? I went to my parents place in Palm Beach (2 hours away from where I live now) and guess what?!?! My mom said she noticed that I lost weight!! WOW..that was a great boost to motivate me and keep me going! One of my main motivation was to lose weight so my mom would stop telling me I've gained so much since I left home..and it worked! My aunt and cousin also said they noticed. This was the first time in 2 years that I went home and NO ONE said that I was getting bigger.


I ALMOST lost a whole 10 lbs in my first month..I've lost about 9.5-9.3 lbs and I can't wait until I get under that 10 lbs! The first 5 lbs were a breeze to lose..Oh well..Gotta keep going! Here's my updated pic

(here's the link to see the photo bigger:

My back fat is pretty much non-existent anymore compared to day 1~! I have day 1, 16, and 30 in my photo section if you'd like to take a look :-)

Alrighty..back to work!
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