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The Choice to Be Happy Had Many Rewards

Monday, May 10, 2010

As I said before, keeping your spirit up and making a choice to look at the better, brighter side of life can have great benefits. And now I am here to say, staying positive led to an even happier me.

In short, I am lighter, friendlier, and have a brighter smile. I chose to keep thinking of the best things and then I threw myself into the things I love after some darker moments in the beginning of last week. I am fortunate to have work for a while, in an autism classroom with some great mellow kids (for the most part). I was looking forward to a stellar party I attend every year, and thus finishing my costume (my own personal design). And I was inching closer to the realization about my "break" from my boyfriend as more of a final break up because we really are and have been just friends in so many ways for so long. So work + creativity + deep thinking = a good week.

Then there was the party. OMG the party. Prom in Space was amazing. So much fun, so many people, lots of old friends, and so many new people and artists I met. Everyone dressed up. Okay so I had this semi stalker that kept tracking me down at every moment. I would move he would find me. This eventually let me to the bar area of the rented out two story coffee house, where I met a new friend. (friend=guy people) A friend I spent the next 2 and a half hours with. Just talking and laughing and meeting more people as he introduced me as we came across them. He also rescued me a few more times from the semi stalker/annoyer who kept tracking me down and never took a hint. And where was the ex, aka roommate? Passed out on a chair after the first hour. Over it, not responsible for it, and free from it. Ah....did I mention I had an amazing time? =) I feel like me again. Oh yeah, and emails have followed from this guy, so I guess he likes me.

So how does this translate? Well, a 2 lb. loss, my side and back bra fat seems less pronounced, and my one pair of size 6s seem looser. Not the area I need to lose again necessarily (pants), but hey I'll take whatever I can get. I'll have to put on my other pair and see how they fit. In other words a happier me is proven to be a thinner me. If I get much happier, I'll lose this 35/40 in no time. LOL


PS The pics will be posted within the week. Pics are taken by photogs at the event (a la Prom Photos) and I took quite a few, so we shall see what my artsy friends did. ;)
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