Frenemy Night!

Monday, May 10, 2010

invited a frenemy to a dinner party with disastrous results
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  • MSJAZZ79
    very interesting vlog. I would say she is definitely someone who doesn't need to be in your life. She seems to be the type of person who gets off by hurting other people, but in the end you prevailed. I have always believed in Karma. What goes around comes around.
    2928 days ago
    Interesting blog. Thanks!
    2929 days ago
    All very good advice... thanks girls! I was so hurt right after that night, but feel less stressed about it now. I get over this stuff pretty fast now, a testament to how much I've changed. When you stay mad and hold grudges about this stuff for too long, it just shines light on fact that you aren't doing what's needed to fulfill you. Still, I won't be doing anymore dinner parties with her... I do agree that she was being a bully that night. I will focus on making better friends and continuing to make changes that make me healthier and happier. :-)
    2933 days ago
    You are beautiful, strong, and resilient, and you motivate me!
    2933 days ago
    She is very unhappy with her self. You should move forward with new friends those who really appreciate you for you if you are big or small.
    Dont waste your time with her.
    2933 days ago
    Oh Honey, I'm so sorry. In the course of a lifetime, fortunes and circumstances go up and down. One of the best things about your closest friends is the balancing effect -- they always accept you as equals. If you cannot have that type of relationship with these people and there is no other community, family or entertainment value in seeing them then you needn't see them. Personally we have friends at all levels of closeness - a few close friends we have been with through thick and thin, and a much wider circle of acquaintances that we see socially but we know we could probably not count on in a pinch. I will also say that some of our snarkier acquaintances have surprised us over the years, with thoughtful acts of kindness and generosity -- you just never know.
    2933 days ago
  • SARAJANE1201
    She sounds like a Bully, and you don't need that, a friend should be happy for you, not try to pull you down to make themselves feel better.
    I had a friend, she was my bestfriend actually and we got a long great but whenever I got something new she had to knock it down. For instance years ago when camera phones came out, I got one and it wasn't even when they right came out it was a good while after, and my old phone fell apart, and i had an upgrade for a new one so I got a camera phone, not even a really great one, and the next day I showed her me new phone. You know what she says to me? "oh you got one with a camera on it, why did you get that it's so stupid!" I don't know why she couldn't say oh wow that's nice even if she didn't like it but I guess she couldn't. But a year later when she got a camera phone she sent me pictures non stop the day she got it.
    Our whole adult relationship was like that, if i got to see my boyfriend more than she got to see hers she would say I was ingnoring her. when I made good friends with another girl she would be jealous. and the thing is I always invited her to hang out with us. Anythng I got new that was nice and something she didn't have she'd have to knock it. It's annoying because if i feel envious of someone I'll tell myself i'm jealous and to get over it and be happy for the person. I would never do that. People like that are toxic to be around, i wouldn't waste my time if I were you. emoticon
    2933 days ago
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