I Suck as a Spark Person

Monday, May 10, 2010

First, I'm not losing any weight, and that's my own damned fault.

Second, I hate people who bitch all the time, and I've been feeling really crappy, so I don't want to post. Today started out GREAT - we were going to go to our favorite nursery for a few more morsels for our pots and beds. However, a while after I got up, I was doubled over with stomach cramps A EFFING GAIN. By the time my insides were done trying to be my outsides, I felt like I'd been kicked in the gut. I can't tell you how sick I am of this.

There were some good things, though.

Both my fantabulous childrens called me and we had nice, long conversations, and I called both my moms and had lots of laughs there, too. :)

I have glorious rose on the table from my backyard. It's from a "Mr. Lincoln" rose bush that I planted two years ago when we moved here - I just found on the inter-tubes that it is in the 'top ten' of fragrant roses! I bought it because the tag said it was very fragrant. Oh, MY, I clipped this single bud and it is opening on the kitchen table - beautiful and absolutely the most marvelous scent!

And we had a really yummy dinner, too. If you haven't tried it yet, the recipe for 'Chef Meg's Baby Spinach Salad with Strawberries and Toasted Almonds' is to DIE for. I know it will be a repeating menu item for us this summer.

Oh, and here's a snap of me at death's door last week, getting a cooking lesson from my neighbor who owns a Thai restaurant. As you can see, I am barely alive. HA!

Wow, I felt really pissy when I started this, but I feel much better.

Maybe tomorrow I'll be productive.

Love you guys!

Edit: Oh, and I have to tell you something really funny. Lahnna, in the picture, stopped in last night and brought me some Mango Sticky Rice for Mother's Day. We spent nearly two hours talking, and when she was leaving, we hugged. She slapped me on the rump and said, "I LOVE YOUR BIG BUTT."


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Member Comments About This Blog Post

    I love reading you're blogs!

    Just enjoy life the weight will come off when it is readt to!
    3258 days ago
    Miss Rooby,
    You don't suck as a Spark Person. Your writing reminds me of Fanny Flagg and you make me laugh when I read your blogs. So sit your big butt down and type out some more.
    3264 days ago
    You SO do not suck as a SP! You still have your sense of humor, your life last week sounds wonderful and open and full of joy, so what is better than that? Yeah, yeah, losing some poundage would be good, but meanwhile, you're living life, not sitting it out. Good for you!

    3265 days ago
    SP isn't just about losing weight, so if you're not losing it at the moment, that certainly doesn't make you a bad SP-er! I too am jealous of your Thai-cookin' next door neighbor, I wish I had one! I hope your day continues on well!
    3265 days ago
    Don't give up. I was on such a roll for so many months now I'm kinda stuck and erratic, not feeling like the best Spark. And I know after finally getting under 250, my weight has gone back up again : ( But I have not and will not give up, and I know neither will you! Let's start with baby step goals and work on those this week. I'm gonna make sure I exercise at Curves or Zumba at least 3 times this week and NOT over eat (like I did yesterday). How about you?

    3265 days ago
    You have got it going on girlfriend! Maybe you just needed that little release and here is an affirmation for you " I am willing to see my magnificence". Because you are! emoticon
    3265 days ago
    Hey, you don't suck!! I rather fancy you :)

    All that matters is that you are still here and you are still making an effort!!!
    3265 days ago
    Sometimes you're the bug; sometimes you're the windshield.

    Hang in there and you'll finally get the hang of it. (And do we get a picture of this fantastic big butt???)
    3265 days ago
    You SO do NOT suck as a Spark Person! Now that we've got that straightened out... I'm glad your day got better....

    You won't always lose weight. That sucks, for sure. I was here a year before I got my head on straight and figured out the who, what, when, where, and why of getting Lala healthy. But the thing is, every day that you are here you learn how to care for yourself, and that's what this "dieting" thing really is. For many of us, it ain't just about food and exercise; for many of us, it's about getting through a day without hurting yourself, without dying a little inside, without just effing giving up. You need the right tools to do a big job, and some of us just haven't got those tools handy yet.

    It's okay if you just spend some time - however long it takes - learning about what it takes to get Rooby healthy. Hang with your SparkPeeps - we'll help you find the tools you need as best we can.

    Loves ya!

    3265 days ago
    Boy do I know what you mean! I've been in a similar mood lately. For some reason I woke this morning with more resolve, I'll send some of that mojo your way in my thoughts today! And, I know that rose, it is gorgeous! Glad we're friends. T.

    emoticon (not bad, eh?)
    3265 days ago
  • JANENE413
    I just stumbled across your blog and read while having my breakfast. I loved the title so I had to look. Thanks for giving me a "smilin" start to my day and week. Hope you have a great day, too.
    3265 days ago
    You and Lahnna both look darling in the photo. I am a little, eensy, teensy bit jealous - no, green with envy A) that you have Lahnna next door to cook Thai with you in your glorious kitchen and B) you can grow roses. I hope you post a photo of Mr. Lincoln.

    i love where I live, but 9 acres surrounded by farmland, it is impossible to control Japanese beetles without poisons that I won't use. This is also a bird sanctuary so between the birds and us humans, I keep organic. So bluebirds, owls, hawks, goldfinches, indigo buntings, herons, etc. win. Roses, rose-of-Sharons lose. I really miss my roses, though.

    I hope you are feeling better, my friend!

    3265 days ago
    I just found out I'm SP'S May Team Leader of the Month. You're my friend, and I don't hang out with losers, ROOBS! I appreciate all of the support you've given me. I know you'll get your "J'Lo" butt in gear when you're ready.

    3265 days ago
    Now THOSE are the kind of friends to have. Those butt slappers. I am going to look for that MR Linclon rose I have about 6 different bushes in my little garden area where I read and have quiet time I love roses and bring them in the house all the time. but your Mr L sounds so nice. sorry you have not been feeling well hope you can find out what is causing your distress. It is so hard to focus on losing wt when we don;t feel well. Sending you a big hug and a wish for healthier days ahead! emoticon
    3265 days ago
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