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Saturday, May 08, 2010

I have been so busy this week at work that I haven't had a chance to write a blog the whole week. It has been an up and down week for sure.

The beginning of the month is always really busy for us, which is great. But my BF was sick for 2 days so I was basically left to run the shop myself. It is just hard. His dad comes in and helps but is getting older and really can't do that much. It just wore me down for the rest of the week I think. And I wouldn't be so ambivalent about it if I thought he was really really sick...but not so sure he was. But it is over and I made it through it. He just didn't appreciate it at all because he was PMS'ing or something yesterday and was a total butt. When he is like that my day gets ruined, hence the crappy day!!! So we argued all day yesterday. But by the time we both got home, he was like a different person. He doesn't really say he is sorry for the way he acted he just moves on like it never did. I am trying to do the same really, but I hold a grudge for a bit longer I guess. Can you! I can be a total Brat myself and I'm sure that by the middle of the day yesterday I wasn't being all so nice. I had just had enough honestly. We usually get along really well too! But about every 3-4 weeks we usually have one bad day. I guess that happens when you live and work together and don't have much time away from each other. Oh well, I have to say that it has gotten better and he does try harder now then he used to, as you can tell by last week's birthday day. It was awesome. Just wish he would carry it through a little longer. Sorry for venting a bit.

The great news in all of that is that I didn't use food or smoking to fall back on when I'm having a day like that. I just kept going. Used to I would smoke like a chimney or even eat out of control when I was upset. So I guess things are changing. I honestly had a good week with my goals. I still have to do the treadmill or wii today or some other cardio since I didn't get it in last night. I managed to walk over 6 miles this week on the treadmill which I think is a new high for me. My weight didn't change at all this week though, but that is ok. I had to get a new scale and that might have been off a bit from the old one. Hopefully it will move this next week for me.

I joined a challenge too so hoping that helps keep me going. Although I honestly haven't had the problems with changing my lifestyle as I kind of thought I would. Indulging in something that is not good for me hasn't even crossed my mind. Of course we got rid of anything in the house that isn't healthy pretty much. That really helps I think, no way to be tempted if there aren't temptations. All I can see when I see something unhealthy is the fat associated with it and how it is clogging my arteries and making me sick!! So it is hard to want to eat something when you look at it that way.

Well it's a new day and a new week!! Hopefully a GREAT one! I just want to say too that I love this site and I love the new friends I have met. You all are so wonderful and supportive and when I'm having a bad day it is nice to know you are here. Enjoy your weekend and Happy Mother's day to the mother's out there!!
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  • RONIE11
    It sounds like you handled it all very well.. men are like that.. mine wakes up the next day as if nothing has happened.. this last time I didn't let it slide like I usually do and he stepped up to the plate and owned his behavior this was something new and he said he will work on getting healthy too. I said that's what I'm and he said he will out do me.. lol what a man!!!! about your scale I had to buy 2 new ones since I started in January the 1st one I couldn't read the scale... little lines were too and this second one seems to be working out real well... but with each new scale my weight was different. I personally started tracking my weight at work too so I can see my progress more accurately. That way if I need to get a different scale I still have the one at work...
    I hope you week goes great and that you meet all your goals.
    3443 days ago
    Team challenges have really helped me a lot with my eating plan & weight loss goals since I became a member of SP.

    It's amazing to look at what we manage to get through without a smoke. Those accomplishments are ones I keep track of because when I get stressed they give me the extra strength I need.

    Great blog - thanks!

    3444 days ago
    Good job on staying away from the smokes and the junk! You deserve to be healthy!
    3445 days ago
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