Hey, Hosers!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

I'm still alive. :) Thank you for many kind inquiries, and one a$$-whupping from El Seabee! grin!

After we returned from Atlanta, I developed a hellish sinus infection with a low-grade fever. The doc prescribed antibiotics for that, and simultaneously increased the amount of the new BP medication he'd put me on a few weeks ago. He said I might feel lethargic for seven to ten days, but my body would adjust.

Now THERE'S an understatement. On top of feeling crummy, the medication just knocked me right down. This is really gross, but I realized the day before yesterday that I hadn't been out of my pajamas in two days and there was a piece of dried brown rice on the front of my pajama top. I was turning into my mother! How revolting!

Yesterday I actually had some energy - yay! I did several loads of laundry, changed the bed, and LEFT THE HOUSE and did a bit of grocery shopping.

Despite the stomach effects of having been on anti-biotics for five days, I'm feeling better. A few more days of 'live' yogurt and I'll be back on top of things.

Love you all! I swearz I wasn't avoiding you. Just been feeling less than my regular chipper self.
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