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What a wonderful day (includes new hair pictures!!)

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Today has been super duper great.

I woke this morning feeling a little disappointed in myself for eating biscuits and milk late last night, which was a result of not eating enough yesterday. Lesson to be learnt for the millionth time - do not be too strict with my calories and leave myself over hungry in the evening!!

Anyway, my late night biscuit munching left me feeling blah as I woke up and remembered them. I also felt completely lacking in motivation to work out. I do know from experience however, that nothing gets me out of a slump as much as exercise, which gets those feel good brain chemicals working. So, I put on my gym gear, dropped my daughter off at school and returned home (local gym would have been rammed as it turned into a polling station today). After unblocking my toilet - thanks son!!- I put on a semi-old turbo jam dvd and worked out. I bought this dvd about 9 months ago, when I was probably 30-40lbs heavier than now and although I used to love it, I don't tend to use it any more, preferring the gym. It made a nice change to get pumped at home though and retread familiar ground with the ever chirpy cheer leader style of Chalene!! I was very conscious while doing it, that it was significantly easier than it used to be. I remember huffing and puffing my way through the moves a few months ago and today it was all pretty easy - which reminded me of the great progress I have made, irrelevant of recent scale stalemate!! Oh and I did indeed finish my morning routine feeling energised, refreshed, motivated, positive and ready for my day - thanks endorphins, serotonin and dopamine and all you other fabulous feel good chemicals in my brain!!

After my workout, shower, dress and out the door banana, I made it on my way to my hairdressers. I had my colour done last week - just a little blonder again, but today it was the cut!! I have been considering going shorter for a while and I was hoping that my fabulous hairdresser Jaz would come up with some young, cool, funky, short style for me that we could agree on. She did. She was also really excited to get to play around with my hair, as she also had the time to actually take her time with it and play around until we were both happy with the result - pictures below!! I LOVE my hair and am so pleased I decided to go shorter, although I still have some length on the front for now!!

I left the hairdressers feeling fabulous and met my Mum for tapas lunch at a local beach restaurant. It was delicious, plus I enjoyed a glass of wine - all totally worth the approximated calories!!

Today was good :-)

BUT on a side note of not such goodness......once I was home cooking dinner, I had my son's friends appear on my doorstep telling me that my 10 year old son had run off crying in the park, after being sworn at by a teenager. So dinner was interrupted for me to find my son and find out the problem. Turned out some bolshy teenager with his friends tried to throw all the younger kids off the swings and ended up swearing at them all and telling my son to "F*** off you paki" NICE!! In case you are wondering, my son has dark skin, as his Dad is half Maltese and half Trinidadian. So wrong continent, but there you go, racial abuse is pure ignorance so it's about all I expect. I ended up finding the teenager myself and having more than strong words with him (he was shouting and swearing at me and denying all and I was having none of it).....but needless to say I would have preferred not to have had my son traumatised by the whole event. He is okay and we spoke a lot about it once we got home, about what sort of a person would be nasty to a smaller child and also about prejudices. It was a good talk that then sort of tied in with the rest of my evening, as it is polling day here in the UK today and so I was going to vote! We spoke about people and prejudices and how in the past some people had to fight for their right to vote and how some people in the world still are fighting for their rights to vote. So I tried to instil in my son (and daughter) how important it is to use your right, as not everyone in the world is as fortunate to have such rights!! We ended up walking to the polling booth together, as my kids both really wanted to come with me and see what you had to do to vote, which was quite nice. We talked through how to do it and who to vote for!!!! Then they posted my slips into the box and we went home again!! So my unfortunate son's experience in the park did result in some debate about prejudices, rights and politics!! Hopefully in the future we can have these talks with just the theory and no actual prejudice practical - fingers crossed for nicer people in the world, or at least in the local park :-(

Okay, back to the nice things.......just a quick run through of some extra good stuff from today - my daughter done really well at her first athletics competition of the season, throwing discus, so I am as usual really proud of her. My Mum has arranged to come and help next week with some gardening and salad growing, plus she's taking us out for dinner one day. I'm getting on really well with my boyfriend and we are working on things still (to go into much more detail would take about a million blogs, so I'll leave it there). Money is not so tight right now - always a bonus! Lastly, I am also possibly going to London at the weekend - British Museum with the kids, which is always fun!

Now time for the hair pics - some before and a few afters!!

before hair

a few days ago

new hair today

showing the longer front section

side view

back view - very short for me and I like it!!

Right, that's it for me!!
Today is already tomorrow and time for sleep......hope this blog made sense, as it's late!!

Take care everyone, xx
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