New Best Time For 1 Mile Run - C25K Training

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Last night I was doing my C25K training and I was doing W5D3 which is the dreaded 20 minute non-stop run. Well, I was not really looking forward to the 20 minute run but I decided to give it my best shot and go all out. I thought maybe I could get a new best time in the mile and then take the rest of the remaining time a little slower and finish the 20 minutes. Well, that isn't exactly what happened.

Instead, I decided to try for the new mile best time. I decided if I could get a new best time I would be OK with that, even if I didn't complete the whole 20 minute run. So I get to the Y and the track was almost empty. I thought this is good and I can do this! I think there may have been 2-3 other people on the track at the same time I was, even though some came and went.

After my warm up I started my run. After a couple of laps I checked my watch to see how I was doing. I thought to myself, OK I really can do this! I did the math and figured if I kept that pace I would finish in around 10 minutes or so. Far better than the 12 minute pace I had planned on running for the whole 20 minutes. I kept running and kept the pace and I realized I didn't seem to be struggling as much as I usually do. I actually felt great! Amazing!

14 laps later and I was finished, or so I thought. I pressed the button on my ipod to get my time and distance but the ipod didn't agree that I had completed a mile. However, I know I did because I had my clicker and I was counting the laps. My ipod only showed 0.96 miles. I realized I only had a short time in order to beat my time so I took off running again. OK, I know having the actual mile on the ipod is not that big of deal but I had heard that when you get a new best time using the Nike+ with the ipod that a famous person would come on and congratulate you. I wanted to hear it for myself. When I did to the mile and stopped my workout Lance Armstrong did come on and he said "Congratulations. You have just set a new best time in the mile" or something similar. I have to admit, that was really cool! I really like Lance Armstrong so that was cool too. My time, according to my ipod, was 10:59 which beat my 11:19 previous time. My time, according to my stop watch was closer to 10:30 minutes.

After I completed a new best time for the mile I had to stop and celebrate for a couple of minutes. So I walked a couple of laps around the track and just soaked up the moment.

Then I started my second 10 minutes. I thought maybe I could set a new mile time but I didn't. I did manage to run the first half mile then I stopped and alternated walking 1 lap and running 2 to finish out. When I finished, according to my stop watch my time was 10:21.99. My ipod only showed 0.91 miles this time but I knew I couldn't finish and beat my time so I went ahead and stopped.

No, I didn't run 20 minutes non-stop which was what I was scheduled to do for the C25K training but I did still reach a new milestone. Maybe I will try for the 20 minutes when I actually run in the 5K race this Saturday. If I don't make it then I will probably be running this day of the training again.

Even the smallest victories deserve a victory dance and I was dancing in my head all evening! Sometimes, it really is the small victories that keep us going!

After the run I did boot camp for 60 minutes.

20 minute run + 60 minutes of boot camp = major stress reliever!!

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