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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

My May goal is to exercise for at least 20 minutes of cardio DAILY!!!! So far so good. Tuesday is our down day (or it has been lately) - we eat something I pick up on the way home from work, and we usually watch a movie together - just me and my two boy-type teenagers (it is usually some blow em up-shoot em up something or other.) It is so easy for me to come home and vege all evening - usually 100% couch time!

Today.....TODAY was different!! I still picked up some dinner on the way home - ok true confessions - it was Domino's Pizza - - BUT - we watched our movie then I went for a power walk - OUTSIDE!! I love spring!

4 days in a row...tomorrow is my next C25k workout - I am looking forward to it - very strange for me to even utter such a sentiment!

One of the songs on my Ipod is Brave by Nichole Nordeman - "So Long, Status Quo, i think I've just let go! The way it's been is no longer good enough" I love this!!! I sound really good singing along with the volume up and the ear buds in.....apologies to my precious family ! LOL!

I am totally pumped up and SPARKED!!! I have sticky notes on my file cabinet with the distance for each day!! 20 Minutes per day is such a small amount of time - to date I have done more than that each day! I love this though and it makes me feel good - happy, clear and bouncy (in a good way!) :) Happy Sparking everyone! Many Blessings, Trish
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