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Monday, May 03, 2010

Did you ever have one of those days you just wanted to shoot someone? Today was that day for me. (or at least one of those days lol). We seem to have this issue at work where no one can agree on the temperature of the office. The girls are usually cold while the guys are too warm. For some reason, the men think their needs are the only ones that matter and have taken control of the thermostat. They are so childish... they have set a "secret code" that only they know so no one else can adjust the temp. On several occasions this spring, we have come in to find the office is at 59 degrees because when it's warm in the afternoon they shut the heat off. Now that it's warm in the afternoon they turn the air on and leave it on all night.

So today it was about 60 degrees outside and they thought it was necessary to have the air cranked up.... Keep in mind that I, as well as one of the other girls, have little electric heaters under our desks because it's that cold in the office usually. These heaters run all summer long. We can't wear summer clothes, we have to wear sweaters, we can't wear sandals, we have to wear closed shoes... so now, since we did to them what they do to us and turned the air off the other day, now the "children" have put a locked box over the thermostat to keep us out. Are you kidding me?! These men are "adults" and we have to play these stupid little games all the time. So tonight when I left, I realized the air was still on and the temp is supposed to be 49 tonight. So what do you think the temp in the office will be in the morning?? I've decided that when I get there, if it's below 70 in that office that I'm turning around, telling them to call me when the heat comes on, and I'm walking out the door.

To top it off, my boss thinks we're stupid... he tried to tell me that I was the only one that was ever cold and that he spoke with the other girls and no one else had a problem. So I marched right out to the girls and had them come back and tell him that they are cold as well. When I asked them if he ever spoke to them they said NO!! Now, not only is he a child but a LIAR as well!!

I am so fed up with childish little games that I could just shoot someone! I don't think it's too much to ask to keep the temp at a constant 72 degrees and not have to have their pathetic little codes and their little lock boxes!! The very worst part about it... I had a key to the lock box and someone rifled thru my desk and took it when I was gone. If one of us ever went thru THEIR desks, do you know what would happen?

Am I wrong to be so irritated??? I have never had a problem getting along with co-workers but I have also never worked with so many arrogant, egotistical, childish men in my life! I've been there 15 years and have worked my way up to a supervisor's position (in a man's business) but because I'm a strong enough woman to speak up, I'm the bitch of the office. Well guess what, I wear that title proudly! If a man acts like that then he's a "strong man, a go-getter" but if a woman is that way then she's labeled a bitch. Talk about a double standard!

Unfortunately, there aren't many jobs around that pay well enough for me to support myself so I'm stuck there for now. I'd love to move somewhere closer to a city where there are more opportunities but with the terrible economy I don't see that happening anytime soon! So until I can find my dream job or win the lottery, I guess I have to put up with the games.

Pathetic that I even have to "vent" about such immature little things. You'd think that the management there would be a little more mature wouldn't you?

Ok, I've gotten it off my chest and the rest of the evening is my own. No one else will control my mood, my feelings, or my night except ME!!!

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  • 14RIGHT
    Since the boneheads want to play their silly ego game and it seems you are not going to get much support in your fight, maybe you can attack them with economics. Figure out how many of those power sucking electric heaters you have in the office and add up they wattage and you will see that just the heaters alone take far more power than all the lighting and computers. Then couple that with the power it takes to raise and lower the temperature just one degree and you can see where this silliness is adding to the company's fixed cost. That is even without factoring in the cost of additional repairs. But since they like to squander money on things like thermostat covers and they obviously value "power" over logic, that might not work. There is always the "tree hugger" logic of saving the Earth from excess kilowatt production but in the end maybe dressing like Nanook of the North will be al that gets thier attention. In the meantime a few well placed mousetraps in your drawers at night might help you feel better.
    4066 days ago
    I feel your pain! My situation is slightly different because I rent space, and six months after we moved into the office, the landlord shut down another branch somewhere and put two women in part of my office. We did shut it off with a door, but those women's room uses our electricity. I have a deal with the landlord wherein I pay 60% of the electric bill, and he pays us 40% of it, but I still have this never-ending battle with two silly women! And I can't figure them out either! If it's 70 degrees outside, they have the heat up to 90. However, on other days, it could be 75, and they've got the air just BLASTING! There's no pattern at all.
    Anyway, sorry for my ramblings. I wish you the best of luck. I'd love to hear if you walk out!
    4066 days ago
    I'm sorry! That's incredible in today's world! Do you have any way to file a grievance for discrimination?
    4066 days ago
    What a lousy situation. I am so mad that someone went through your desk!
    4066 days ago
  • BAM0827
    That does sound crappy!! Is there someone higher than the boss that you can talk to? Tell whoever that you're thinking about it from a cost standpoint. Running air conditioner over night is expensive. Personally, I think 72 is a bit warm but maybe you can do 68-70 to try and compromise.

    I have a feeling that if you walk out you may only be hurting yourself.
    4066 days ago
    Amen! That is so childish of them! I hope the rest of your week gets better! And it goes from this emoticon to this emoticon in the office!
    4066 days ago
  • SLOOPY7036
    LOL - where I used to work (many years ago) the company had to put a lock on the thermostat because someone was always to cold and then someone else was always to hot - the office never ending battle. I had a under desk heater to help my hot/cold problems.' emoticon
    4066 days ago

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