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"Dieting" doesn't work

Monday, May 03, 2010

"Dieting" is useless. Not only is it a waste of time and effort it is disheartening. I am experienced at almost every kind of diet. I started WW when they first started. I've done the rainbow pills. I tried Nutra-system, I have tried every way to lose weight from exercising five hours per day to literally starving myself. You know what I found out? Dieting doesn't work!!!

Moderation does work. Eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables helps. Dividing my plate helps. Avocadoes and nuts help, along with other seeds.

It doesn't help to have someone undermining your efforts. It doesn't help to have your significant other get jealous of your time, your new associates, your attention to yourself. It doesn't help if you have children that want to eat junk foods instead of healthy foods. BUT!!!

You can go on quite serenely if you have healthy foods on hand for yourself. Undressed salad is a wonder. You can put in crunchies, and brightly flavored veggies or fruits, a few seeds adds some important hunger beaters, perhaps an avocado with your salad will help to clean your arteries while quenching your need for healthy fats.

James keeps a base salad in the refrigerator for me. I add all sorts of ingredients to that to make it sparkle. I find that when I do that I am no longer feeling deprived because I don't choose to eat those chips the rest of the family is eating. I don't need ice cream except when I visit Uwajimaya and buy myself a 3 oz cup of premium red bean ice cream. I savor those three ounces because they have to last me a long time.

While I am at Uwajimaya, I also check out the produce section for unusual veggies and fruits. They add a great deal to our daily diet and I am constantly learning more about healthy cooking.

Yes, Dieting can be deadly dull. Counting calories gets to be a dreadful chore after a while. I agree that watching others feed themselves treats when you have nothing can be painful. So prepare in advance. Do not bring unhealthy foods into your home yourself. If they come in, and they will, you'll already have a healthy substitute ready to go. One of my favorites is steamed and chilled asparagus spears. Since they are only in-season for a short time I eat all I want. When they are gone I wait until next year. I don't care if my family likes them or not. I do!

Cherry tomatoes, or grape tomatoes are delightful and available most of the time. Yes, they are expensive, but aren't you worth it? This is the perfect time for Sugar Snap peas. It is fun to eat them while the others are wishing they had something.

Yes, I am tricking them into trying all those good things. It works and they begin to enjoy healthy foods with me. Give it a try.

Honor yourself first. That way you'll be there to honor all those you love in the future.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    So true that "dieting" doesn't work. I watched my mom struggle with weight most of her life. I am learning to have healthy snacks available for me. I can't do the "count calories" thing. It just makes me want to eat more and uses time that I could be doing something more productive. I believe it is about making more healthy choices than unhealthy ones. I'm not even into daily tracking of what I eat. I do it occasionally - it helps me learn which things have more calories so I can make wiser choices when it is dinner time or the munchies strike.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    I recently found a gym that I enjoy. They have a "no judgement" policy. It is great. Lots of treadmills. They have 8 big tv screens-people listen with earphones so we don't need to agree on what to watch. I am working on learning to cook more of a variety of food. My family is somewhat picky about what they eat. Some like variety and some want the "same old things". It makes cooking a challenge. No matter what they eat - I can still have a salad. emoticon
    1754 days ago
    Judy, Your positive perspective gave me a boost today.
    2941 days ago
    Thanks for the great info and most of all the inspiration. That's what I need more than anything. Rather than blaming DH, I need to suck it in, stand tall, and get on with it!! You are right----we are worth it!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!
    2941 days ago
  • 26M8J7
    This is very good information, thanks.
    2942 days ago
    I fully agree with you! Dieting does not work. Healthy eating and healthy living works! Thank You for your wonderful blog!
    2942 days ago
    Judy, I really appreciate your article. I am slowly coming to similar conclusions, but my education usually comes through the school of hard knocks! So thank you. I agree with your philosophy, and hope I will follow your fine example! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2942 days ago
    yes I found that also. my DH and I are back to the basics , eating clean ( meats with no growth hormones and antibotics in them)fresh fruits and vegetables ( with out pesticides). we are feeling much better, more energy and full.for the first time in a long time. and not going over our calorie range. we really like this way of eating. works for us. carolyn
    2942 days ago
    Very good message - Since I like fruits and vegs, I have no problem, except for the carbs I enjoy - need to still learn portion control.
    2942 days ago
    Good, healthy way of living...I can do that!
    2942 days ago
    It has taken me 70 to find this out. But it is still hard to do. Nothing is easy. Thanks for all the reminders. emoticon
    2943 days ago
  • JAZZIE28
    You Rock! and you are my inspiration - Thank you!
    2943 days ago
    Thanks for the good information. I need to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. emoticon
    2943 days ago
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