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I will NOT be discouraged...I chose to win!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

I got an email from Katmomma3 last night and it made me do some thinking. After doing some soul searching last night, I realized that no, I'm not lazy, I was just a bit blue due to some circumstances. I like to think positive and I also needed to be strong for my husband who is losing his father to cancer and for my son who will be losing his grandfather. At the same time, I was in the midst of cleaning out my mom's house (she passed away 8 years ago and I was finally able to sell her condo). So internalizing these emotions and staying positive and happy, built an unknown block subconsciously inside me that was manifesting itself in self sabotage.

Once I recognized what the problem was, I was able to come up with the right plan to get back on track. Today, Sunday, I was going to exercise again with regularity, and eat right. Get rid of those breads and pastas and eat the right carbs that I had come to enjoy.

Ok, that was the "plan".

So this morning, waking up very tired and with a tiny bit of shortness of breath, I wanted to stay in bed just a wee bit longer. But, I remembered my son's first group golf lesson was today and if he missed it, he'd be starting off already behind next week. My husband had to get to the hospital and visit his dad, install all the air conditioners today and unload his truck from our trip back from my mother's yesterday. I told him I could drive to the county park for Marty's lessons, no problem.

Well, guess what. Today is the Long Island Marathon. Every main road was cut off from us. I drove the road down to the park (it's just a mile from our house) and the police cars blocked it off. We turned around and drove in the other direction figuring we'd square off down to Hempstead Tpke and go in the park at that end. Blocked off. We went through the zigzag of the private streets to try and come out on the Turnpike that way.....blocked off. So we drove back to our area, drove as close to the park as possible, parked and decided to walk thru to the golf range. I was not dressed for it. Jeans (it's about 80 degrees and humid right now) and flip flops, no water, my heart condition, blah blah blah. I refused to succumb for no other reason than my son was so looking forward to it.

We were in the park and at least a 10 minute walk from the driving range and I called the instructor and asked if he could just wait for us to get there. It was then I learned "There are no lessons today, it's on the website. The L.I. Marathon is taking place today. You can't get into the park all that easily." LOL LOL LOL !!!!

I refused to let anger and frustration overtake me, I refused to get aggravated, and decided to laugh it off. My son said to me "look at it this way mom, we got in our cardio for the day!" It felt good not to lose my temper through all of the aggravation and stress. It felt good for my son to see how to handle aggravating circumstances that come your way.

And I look at it this was the day I was going to get back on track. I could have thrown a fit, gone marching home and helped myself to a buttered roll and coffee and looked for comfort in that. But I'd have to, in reality, change the word "comfort" to "excuse". I believe in God and I believe when we do things that are in His plan for our good, the devil tries to come against you. It's important to recognize when the enemy is coming against you and not let him win. As Joyce Meyers said "Never let the devil get a foothold because then he'll get a stronghold."

Today I did not let the enemy get a foothold and as a result, I feel good, I feel victorious, I got some cardio in (hahahahaha) and I'm making some broiled chicken cutlets and a cool delicious salad. I'm on my way and I already know that adversity will not interfere with my plan.

I feel better than I have in months. Don't let life's little trivialities or major upsets affect your decisions about your health and diet. Just go through what you have to go through and don't add new problems to them by gaining weight and losing the ground you've already covered and triumphed over. If you do, then you will have gotten rid of one trouble but replaced it with a new one.

My father in law once told me when he was in a tough situation "If you don't laugh, you'll cry". Today I chose to laugh.
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    Well done on choosing to laugh...I think we can all do a little of that.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2958 days ago
    Way to Go looking past the frustrations and keeping the focus on your goals. It can really be tough, especially when it's one thing after another after another.

    I believe you are right, that sometimes God allows us to experience these things, even when we are walking in His will, as a way for us to learn to lean on Him more and surrrender our trials and frustrations to Him. You are doing GREAT, as evidenced by your wise son - take a bad situation and instead of letting it destroy us, look at the good that can come out of it. What a wonderful example you are to him.

    Keep Sparking Dear Friend - You're Doing GREAT!!!
    2964 days ago
    I missed this when you wrote it!!! I love this, it is so inspiring and shows just how far you have come and just how far others can go too! Wonderful blog!
    2965 days ago
    Sounds like your grandfather was wise. I do laugh often and glad you did too!
    Kat has a way of making people think too! Good job!
    2968 days ago
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