Pizza or Protein Shake? (pictures :) )

Sunday, May 02, 2010

I know some of you Sparkers can relate to this...

Just a quick blog showing one of my weaknesses and telling you all that I was able to do it "this time".

I'm doing a 10 day cut/healthy meal plan and on day 5 this was dinner. My homemade pizza for the family. My choice to make this dinner.

So I chose not to make a clean pizza for myself because I was tired, but I had this

It was a yummy berry protein shake and normally I would have it as a dessert, but I chose to have it during pizza time and have my dinner later.

Yes we have a very informal, paper plate dinner night on some Fridays and with everyone coming and going I had my trusty May issue of Oxygen next to me!

I just wanted to say how my entire body and mind hurt not having a bite of these pizzas. Being able to say "I did it" felt great, but not as good as my pizza tastes.

I'll make a clean version and freeze it so I can have it when everyone else eats.

I'll share my stats and pictures of me at the end of "day 10" and my plan is to keep eating this way!

Have a great day!


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