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Baby's New Crib!

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Me: The crib came in... we're going to go pick it up in a bit and put it together when you get off work.

Hubby: Doesn't Caroline already have a bassinet ready in our room? Do we need to put the crib together now?

Me: Weeeellll... we don't "have to".... but I really want to see what it all looks like. (Throwing a pitiful look in his direction)

Hubby: *Sigh* Ok then, I'll put it together after I've had supper.

Me: (Smiling) Oh goodie... oh by the by, I've invited my parents over for supper as well.

And that's about how the conversation went on Monday morning before my poor husband went to work. He's such a dear. And he did in fact do as promised. I had beef stew and homemade bread ready when he got home from work. We had a good meal and then Mom and I proceeded to "direct" him on how to construct said crib. Of course, after a couple of pointed looks and strained smiles from Hubby my mother and I decided to return back to the living room and left him in the baby's room to construct the bed in peace. Meanwhile my dad glanced up from his History of Guns book he'd been reading and gave us a "just leave the poor guy alone" look.

Several minutes later I peeked in at him and was surprised that it was nearly done. He did confess that he'd put together all four sides before realizing he'd boxed himself in so he had to take one of the sides back down again. I thought that was hilarious. lol Mom and I put the mattress in and decorated with all the cute sheets, pillows, etc. And this is the finished product:

And I am quite pleased with the way it turned out.... even if baby Caroline won't even use it for the next several months. :-p
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