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How I Starbucked My Way to My Goal Jeans...

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Here I stand, wearing my goal jeans. But it's not what you think. Nope, I didn't plan to buy goal jeans. I didn't plan to make my goal today. It all had to do with my spilled Starbucks coffee. emoticon
I was in my office drinking my lowfat milk, no sugar, one Splenda and two Stevia packets Starbucks Venti drip on the phone gesturing when OOOPS. A Venti. All over me. And my pants. emoticon
Luckily I was able to soak up most of it, but I could not wear these anymore. They were stained and NOT in an attractive way. In a way that screamed,"She doesn't understand the office dress code." In a way that said,"She doesn't know how to use a washer and dryer." I had to buy a pair of pants. Like NOW. I sped out of the office to do the thing I hated most when I joined SparkPeople. Buy a pair of jeans.

For me, it was always embarrassing buying jeans. I work in a major city with beautiful model-thin women where the legs of most jeans are the width of my calf. Stores stock lots of Size 0. ZERO. As in, your overpriced jeans don't really exist they are so small! I would pick a size larger than what I used to wear and they still didn't fit. I would suck my stomach in and jump up and down in the dressing room and they STILL wouldn't fit! The last pair of pants I bought because they had vertical stripes that I convinced myself would make me look thinner!
Well, I grabbed a full range of sizes en route to the dressing room including a men's pair just in case. And sure enough they didn't fit. Because they were too BIG!!! What???? I checked the size just to make sure my vision wasn't suffering from caffeine induced shock. I cautiously tried on each pair in a smaller size until I slipped on a pair in my pre-weight gain size. And they just slid on. No drama. No sucking in the gut. No pulling and squeezing into unforgiving fabric. They just fit. I told the clerk, "I am not taking these off ."and paid for them. So, here I stand in my goal jeans. And they are as comfortable on my skin as I am IN my skin.
Thanks SparkPeople for helping me reach my goal.
emoticon emoticon
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