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Road Trip Edition : Photo food Journal - Friday 4-30-10

Friday, April 30, 2010

EDIT: well this morning 5-1-10 I put in my food on my tracker and even though I kinda geussed at some things I think I came up with a pretty acurate depiction of my calories for yesterday. After I got everything in it came up to: 2323 calories... thats about 570 calories over my calorie range.... so its a high day but not tooooo terribly bad. I will do much better today.


well every other weekend I have to take my son to see my X husband and he lives on the other side of the state from me. We meet half way and thats a 7 hour round trip drive for me.... so every other friday I spend half the day in the car. Not very happy for me and not happy for eating healthy but I try.

So I dident track my calories today and even though I could talley them all up now, Im exausted after getting up at 4:30am with my one year old and then we had to take my daughter an hour away to south carolina to my mother in laws house because she dosent do well on the 7 hour drive.... So we left from our house at around 11:30am and then I spent the majority of the rest of the day in the car.

But I kept track of my food with pictures all day and tryed to make smart choices.... Or at least not horrible choices.

But anyway here is my day of eating.

Breakfast: 1 cup caramel delight cereal & 1/2 cup 1% milk

Snack as Im running out the door at 11:00: Strawberry smoothy with a scoop of protien powder .... this is around 260 calories

Lunch: Mcdonalds Classic grilled chicken with no mayo.... I asked for no mayo at least and they gave me mayo anyway so I had to take the top bun and scrape all the crap off of it and core out the bun where all the mayo had soaked in... I got it all off though.

I asked for no mayo and here is what I got.... I geuss they thought I said extra mayo because there was about a 1/4 cup of the stuff on it.

Snack: granola bar.... I wasent too hungry but I was sleepy... horrible reason to eat but I did it anyway. sigh

Snack: two hours later we stopped at walmart and I ended up getting some more snacks there.... I had a bottled water, 1/2 a carton of strawberries, 1/2 a banana & 1 mini snickers & 2 pringles over the next few hours.

We desided to wait to get home before we ate dinner because I wanted to sit down somewhere and eat so once we got home around 9:00 we went to ruby tuesday.
Me and hubby split the asian dumplings

I had a salad with light ranch & crutons (bad but I love them) & a small amount of broccoli salad (really bad but I love it too)

We ordered an avocado turkey burger with no mayo..... well geuss what I got.... a turkey burger loaded with mayo

So I snapped that picture (forgot to turn the flash off) and the waiter saw and came over and asked if everything was ok... he was looking at me all suspisious for the rest of the night. I told him about the mayo and sent the burger back to the kitchen and got a new one in about 20 minutes.

When we were almost done with the meal I geuss the waiter couldent stand it anymore and when he was filling up our water glasses he asked if I took a picture of my burger. I told him that I had a food blog on the internet.... his face looked really worried and my husband clarified for me that I keep track of the food I eat for weight loss. Im sure the guy thought I was writing nasty food reveiws online and was going to write up ruby tuesdays or something. IDK. He kinda gave us worse service after sending the burger back... maybe because of the picture I took... IDK... we gave him a 20% tip anyway though. Im sure it wasent his fault about there being mayo on the burger and I wasent so upset about it anyway.

I just wanted a burger with no mayo... not too much to ask for.

Anyway, now I am stuffed an looking back on all the pictures I took today I feel like a freakin pig. I did make better choices that maybe I normaly would have and when you think about it... the munching I did is prob no different than I normaly would have done... Its just all out in the open now and I cant hide behind a bad memory. I know exactly how much I ate and it was prob alot more than my calorie range allowed for the day.... but one day is not going to kill me and I will make up for it in the next week. I normaly have a high calorie day on friday or saturday anyway.

Now Im off for some much needed R&R. Its been a long day.

~ Jess
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I love your photo blog! What a great idea and create way to track your food visually! :) emoticon
    2911 days ago
  • CRK910
    Wow 7 hours. that has got to be a pain.
    I can totally relate to days of bad eating though.
    Just get back on the wagon the next day like it never happenned :)
    2912 days ago
    I think you did fine. Looking at your food for the day isn't bad at all. you made great choices and I like how you had just the right amount of fries. You could of said the heck with it but you made choices. choices for you. I need to start making better choices for me.
    2912 days ago
    yeah it was kinda like a horror story... Lol, I wasent going to take pictures of all the mayo but then I was like... what the hell, might as well show everyone what I got right off hand... I find that when I eat out it ends up like this most of the time. I would have sent the sandwich back at mcdonalds but they had us pull up and wait a few minutes for our food and I went inside to grab a pack of sweet and sour sauce and my husband dident check the food in the drive thru when they brought it out to us. So I get done getting the kids food ready and buy the time I find out my sandwich is loaded with mayo we are all the way down the highway. So I had to not eat or deal with it and core out the bun. worked well because I prob got rid of the butter that was on the bun as well.. I know they butter there buns.

    Its really hard to get what you ask for, thats why eating out is so scary.

    Looking back on my food this morning I felt like I did really well... Last night I was tired and thought that with all the snacks my day looked just full of munching... most of the snacks were very good choices though so I need to recognize that.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog

    ~ Jess
    2912 days ago
    Hey! :-)
    Just popping in to say I am crossing my fingers for you to have a good weekend foodwise and to congratulate on your recent weight loss!:-)
    I must say though the repeating story with extra mayo when you specifically said 'NO MAYO' read like a horror story to me! How BAD is the service in those places? Or how negligent the cooks? I honestly thought that especially in this economy blah blah they would care and listen to the customer!
    Personally I do best with food choices if I plan ahead, ESPECIALLY when I am away from home, if I can suggest anything. I actually thought you did very well and envied you - cause if I have to eat at restautants, it usually ends BADLY, nothing like the moderate food intake you photoblogged.
    Have a great Saturday and hang in there!

    2912 days ago
    Hi Had a travel day today too. DH and I came back from a trip in the mountains where we were surprised by a week of snow storms this last week of April. Before jumping into the car I had a handful of almonds and the last V8 I had brought along with me on our trip. We stopped for lunch and I had an In-N-Out protein style double-double. I looked it up when I got home and it was a whopping 440 calories without the bun! The carbs are low, only 11, and that is what I am primarily trying to watch, so it was okay I guess. We also stopped at Starbucks a little later and I had a latte. No snacking in between stops. When we got home I had a low(er) carb Pure Protein chocolate peanut butter bar to tide me over until dinner. It was nice to sit down to a small steak and salad with our kids and enjoy being together with them again. All in all I pretty much stuck to my diet this week and I look forward to using my sparkpeople nutrition tracker more closely now that I am home. It is definitely more of a challenge to eat while you are on the road. I like the idea of your photo journal and hope to try it sometime soon!
    2912 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/30/2010 11:36:29 PM
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