Another goal down!

Friday, April 30, 2010

So, that's another of the goals I have on my SparkPage taken care of.

I'm not sure why, but tonight I decided that I'd go on the treadmill and just NOT STOP. Or, well. Not for a while, anyway.

The gym was deserted tonight. I went later than usual - I normally go around 3pm, 3.30pm-ish, and tonight I went at 7.15pm to see what the after-work hours were like. I was told that it's normally always deserted on a Friday night, because it's FRIDAY and people are either getting ready for a night out, or just don't want to work out.

So when I arrived at the gym, it was just the gym instructor and two girls who were getting ready to pack up and leave. I put on my iPod, hopped on a treadmill, and set off. 10% incline, 3.2km/h, 5 minutes. 5% incline, 3.2km/h, 5 minutes. Then I set it at a 0% incline, upped the speed to 4km/h, put a towel over the dashboard, focused on the RPE poster on the wall, and the next time I looked at the timer, it was at 18min 45s.

I thought, if I've made it to 18m 45s, I can make it to 20m. If I can make it to 20min, I can make it to 25min.

I made it to the 25 minute mark, took the towel off the dashboard, and switched the reading to "distance". Now, I was pretty sure that a mile was around about 1.67km (just checking my widget, it's actually 1.61km) and so beyond making it to 30 minutes, I wanted to make sure that I'd also walked more than a mile.

When I got to 30 minutes (with sweat dripping from my hair and my face and I think the treadmill was starting to wheeze) the distance read 1.81km. Which is 1.21 miles. Which I'm totally thrilled about.

It means that I can tick that "manage 30 minutes on the treadmill" goal off, and a lot earlier than I originally thought. It was only at the start of March that I managed to survive for 15 minutes on the treadmill in one go. Now I've managed 30.

Doesn't mean I'll be doing it again any time soon in the gym, but that's the first time I've walked a mile in... well. Probably last year when I was in Florida? When we were in the Epcot Centre, walking around the World Lake. But of course, we got to take breaks then. This was 1.21 miles without stopping.

And without dying.

(Once I was through with the treadmill, I then went and did my armbike, and then I went and cycled 6.75km on the stationary bike. I'm probably going to be sore tomorrow, but it'll be worth it, I hope. I'm hoping for a big loss this week on the scale!)

But yeah.

I'm pretty darn proud of myself right now.

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  • 390TO130
    excellent job! emoticon emoticon
    2989 days ago
    HEy! Congrats! I can't go on the treadmill for too long because I get bored, but I do walk a lot out and about in the week which makes up for it. Good on you!! Keep on going!! xxx
    3273 days ago
    Well done! I remember how proud I felt when I took my lunchtime walk (I'll just walk for 15 minutes - then either turn round or complete the circle) then when I measured it on the Spark people fitness maps I found it was 1.25 miles! Me? walking a mile? and not dying??? A mile is such a big thing when you usually only walk to the car and back emoticon
    3273 days ago
    This totally brought tears to my eyes! I have been a major slacker and I've been looking for the inspiration to recommit, and this has made ME feel unstoppable - that's such an awesome accomplishment. AMAZING JOB!
    3275 days ago
    Hot damn, girl, that's fantastic!

    3275 days ago
    3276 days ago
    That's a great job, well done!
    Sometimes it's easier to keep going when you're not watching the clock. I find that works best for me, anyway.

    I hope your exertions weren't too much for you and that you don't suffer too much this weekend. Sometimes it's not the next day but the day after that you start to feel it.

    Enjoy the Bank Holiday. I hope the sun shines for both of us.
    3276 days ago
    I remember when I could only do a few minutes of one exercise, a few minutes of another. Kept at it, kept at it. And now I can complete those workouts, and keep going for longer.

    However, I think 30 minutes @ 4mph would probably kill me. So, good on ya! Keep it up and you’ll be running 60 minutes!

    3276 days ago
    Wow! Very inspiring!
    It's the best feeling to start tackling some of those goals.
    3276 days ago
  • DIANE2868
    You are doing great! I am very proud of you and your efforts to get healthy. You have come along way since March- you doubled your walk! Isn't it great how the body rewards us? Keep up the good work!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3276 days ago
    Great job!
    3276 days ago
    Congrats!! keep up the great work!!
    3276 days ago
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