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Back To The Land Of The Living....Finally!!!

Friday, April 30, 2010

OK...this has been a really weird and crazy last couple of months. But, first, let me say that I appreciate all of you guys for checking on me and keeping me in your thoughts and prayers.

I am such a slacker! I whined and moaned and got out of the habit of wogging around my neighborhood because it was "so cold" this past out of the habit of posting my food on my Tracker....I just basically fell off the wagon big time. But, I started to crawl back on and do better...when all of a sudden....BAM! Something knocked me on my butt...but good!

We had just gotten back from vacation and was getting back in to the normal habit of day-to-day living...and I was starting to plug in my Nutrition and was gonna start back wogging...when I woke up one morning and...POW! I felt like I had been run over by a steamroller. I hurt everywhere. Even my knuckles on my pinkies hurt. My joints muscles skin neck and spine and pelvis especially hurt. My head felt like it was not attached to my body and my vision was dancing around so bad I could hardly see my computer screen (yeah, I still went to work) to see how to transfer callers. Felt like death warmed over, basically. Now, I hate to say it...but I am one to kind of self-diagnose. I know, I know...but I thought maybe it was just all this pollen floating around giving me a major sinus/allergy attack. So, I take Benadryl...and Airborne...and Zyrtec. Nope. Not working. Still feeling like I can't move and hurting all over. Bless David's heart...he would actually have to help me off the couch sometimes...cause I just couldn't do it on my own.

OK...going to the doctor. Call on Friday....can't see me til the NEXT Friday....crap. Go through the whole weekend the doctor back on CAN'T wait til Friday...yes...I'll come in TODAY! I love my doctor. She listens to all of my ramblings about all of my aches and pains and asks me a battery of questions...hmmmm....have no clue. We'll do blood work. OK...does my insurance cover a CA125? Odd look from the you think you may have a problem? Don't know...ovaries screaming at me...I can cry over a Tide commercial...hmmm....let's just skip the blood test and go straight to an Ultrasound. for me! Oh, by the way (she tells me) I am leaving this office and will be starting at another office down the two weeks. Side Note: DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE DOCTOR LEAVES AN OFFICE AND THERE IS NO ONE THERE TO READ THE RESULTS OF YOUR BLOODWORK? You don't get the results...that's what! But, being the resourceful person that I am....I went to the office where my doctor is GOING (when she starts in two weeks...and, no...I am not gonna wait two weeks for test results!)....see the doctor that is there now...and get them to request my lab and ultrasound results from the hospital. There's more than one way to skin a cat! TA DA! Tests come back...doc says...hmmm, your CBC looks better than mine! Blood work looks normal..but, hey! You DO have a small ovarian cyst on your left tell me your symptoms....again....AAAHHHHH!
!!!! Gotta love this doc. He's an Army Flight Doctor out of Whiting Field in Pensacola filling in until MY doctor gets to this new office. He patiently listens to all my hurts and pains, listens to my breathing, taps my head...all the usual stuff, then decides we need more blood work. Luckily, they have the ability to do the blood work there and I won't have to wait days for the results. Wait...wait some more...David is fussing at me for rolling around the room on the doctors' stool....hey...I'm bored. Doc comes in with a smile on his face. I've got good news...and I've got bad news. The good news've got Mycoplasma pneumonia...the bad news have Mycoplasma pneumonia. Well! I guess you could say that! can be treated easily with a Z-Pak! Imagine that! Hurting all this time...this bad...and a Z-Pak does the trick! I took my third pill this morning and, honestly, I am feeling somewhat better...thank goodness! I don't think I'll tell David, though. I feel like I still need a little pampering. Ha!

My friend, Shery, called me as I was leaving the doctor and couldn't believe how excited I was to have pneumonia. Hey, when you are hurting as bad as I was...knowing what is wrong and how easily it can be's a relief to know it's not some exotice, non-curable tse tse fly carrying malaria disease. Isn't it funny how the mind will just create all these crazy scenarios!!! I told her it was God's way of letting me know how bad one could I can appreciate how good I will feel once my pneumonia is gone. Does that make sense? Hey! Does any of this make sense? Probably not...but my SparkBuds will know exactly what I'm talkin' bout!!!

Maybe, when I feel better...I will Blog about my vacation! It was awesome!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Bless you! I understand exactly what you are saying!!!
    3830 days ago
  • MARIE625
    One of these days, I'm going to figure out how to smuggle one of those rolling stools out of the doctor's office. I LOVE playing on those things! emoticon

    Welcome back to the land of the living. Hope you are feeling better soon. I'm always amazed at what a little Z-Pack can do for you! Take care! emoticon
    3833 days ago
  • LLTS01
    emoticon It's great to hear from you and let that be a lesson to go to the doctor earlier next time.
    3835 days ago
    Absolutely loved your blog - not the fact that you were ill but the humour with which you told about it. Don't rush your recovery. You have been seriously ill. But when you do you'll be back into the Spark game with both feet. Take care
    emoticon Bernadette
    3835 days ago
    Welcome back and here's to a great summer. Hope you have a great weekend
    3835 days ago
    Take it easy and get better soon!!
    3835 days ago
    Glad they found the problem and that it was easily fixed. AND -that you are already feeling better. Welcome back!
    Pam emoticon
    3835 days ago
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