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Thursday, April 29, 2010

This has more to do with my mental stability :) than it does with weightloss this week!
LOTS of family 'stuff' going on and it all comes to a head starting tomorrow! I don't think I'll have time to log-in and track until Monday. I've decided to start today with a SMILE. Believe me, when I looked into the mirror this morning, I saw an exhausted, anxious, worn out person - but smiled anyway...heard that helps ;) I guess it has. I made sure I ate breakfast and tracked it (1/3 of a sesame bagel toasted w/a laughing cow wedge and of course, coffee x2!) I have been SO careless with eating lately (skipping meals then snacking on the wrong stuff). Was extra pleasant getting the kids out the door and did not argue or yell at anyone. So far, so good. I am allowing myself a glass of red wine Fri/Sat night. I will work it into my calorie range. I'm calling it my reward for keeping a smile on my face during all of this family craziness.
Wish me luck! Be back on Monday!
xo emoticon
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