Hot Time in Hotlanta! Or, Hat Time in Atlanta?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our niece's wedding was splendiforous! She was absolutely gorgeous, and the year-long preparations by both families were evident. Everything was PERFECT.

We stayed, along with the other out-of-town guests, at a very swank hotel. I'll just say that the 'shuttle' car was a Bentley.

We had so much fun at the reception! My husband and I danced and danced. :) Thanks to my Sparking efforts, I had the stamina to do it! One of the servers for the catering company (a young black woman) whispered to me, "I saw you out there - you have some MOVES." LOL! I whispered back, "I grew up a SISTAH!" and she giggled. :)

One of the older gentlemen from the groom's side came up to me a while later and said, "You know, if this was a dance contest, you and your husband would have gotten MY vote!" :)

We had SO much fun - my husband was wearing his black fedora. When we first got together I kept after him to try wearing hats - he balked. But he finally relented, and guess what - everywhere he goes he is complimented about his hats. Someone even STOLE his hat on a flight back from Atlanta last fall!

He looked so fine. His brother thanked me yet again for 'making his brother so happy'. :) I said, you know, your brother makes ME very happy.

Old Folks In Love. Go figure. :)

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