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HELP! Need fashion advice!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

You all are so sweet... Thank you for all of the compliments. I cherish each one of them and they encourage me so much!

I am fashion challenged, for sure... especially when it comes to dresses. So here is a pic of the dress I bought. It is a size 10 that I tried on in the fitting room and then had to order an 8 online. The 8 seems a bit shorter and hits me right at my knees.

I am a bit embarrassed to ask these questions, but please keep in mind I have not worn a dress in 5 years. And when I did they were frumpy, frock looking things to hide all of my fat.

First of all... with this style of dress (I guess it is called a "sheath"?) do I need to wear a slip? When I wore my frumpy, frock dresses I always wore a slip because the dresses were tea length with lots of material and I needed the slip to keep the dress from catching between my legs when I walked. Trying this one on and walking in it, I didn't seem to have a problem with that. I guess I have always been taught that I "have" to wear a slip... Is it necessary? I plan on wearing SPANX power panties underneath.

And secondly, I am thinking going NO hose! EEEEK! I don't have the greatest looking legs, but I don't think they are offensive for people to look at. I do have a spot on the inner calf that looks like a bruise (had it for yrs). I am not pasty white... I have a light tan on my legs that is my natural coloring. I want to go without hose because #1) I want to get a purple French tipped pedi (to match the color of the purlpe flowers in the dress)and #2) I will need the bare feet for traction in my heels. If I wore hose with my heels I would slip and fall for sure. So.... Is going wihtout hose "cool" these days? Last Sunday I was noticing some women at church who were going bare legged... and they didn't have Barbie looking legs and I thought they looked lovely.

Ugh.... I still sometimes get the little voice in the back omy head telling me I don't belong in a dress like this... that I need to cover myself up and not offend people by having them look at my bare skin. This is the kind of dress I dreamed of wearing when I was 200+ lbs, but would never have even considered it because I was so heavy. I have to keep reminding myself that IT IS A SIZE 8!!!! I am less than 10 lbs (hopefully) away from being a "normal" weight. I have to get the mental picture of me being 200+ lbs and a size 20 out of my head!
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    Holy smokes, girl! You look freakin' AWESOME! I haven't been on the site in a while, so I haven't been able to watch your progress. But GEEZ! You look great! Sorry I can't give you fashion advice. I dress for comfort, not style. My sister submitted me once to that show "What Not to Wear."
    2912 days ago
    Yep, no slip and no hose!
    2913 days ago
  • AWOLF24
    Just echoing everyone else - the size 8, no slip, NO hose! It looks fantastic on you!!
    2913 days ago
    If you get paranoid you can get the sandal hose that lets you show your pedi. My mom always taught me that I only had to wear a slip if the dress could be see through. But if you have sexy legs you are exempt ; )
    2913 days ago
  • FRECKS96
    I don't even need to say it, everyone else already has. You look awesome and you need to flaunt it!
    2913 days ago
    I am so happy that I would stand out if I *did* wear hose... What a relief! Out and about today I have been noticing that hose is RARE these days. I guess I never paid attention before. Thanks for all of the compliments and the validation! You all are the best!
    2913 days ago
    No slip no hose. You don't need them in the summer. And I am so excited to see the pedi. Make sure you take pics. Proud of you!!!!!!

    2913 days ago
    No one I know wears slips anymore. Even if the material is sheer, all that shows is the shape of your legs and what's wrong with that. And no hose. I think the 8 looks really flattering on you. You should be so proud.
    2913 days ago
    We all concur - no slip, no hose. I haven't worn hose in YEARS and I don't have beautiful legs! It's all comfort and who needs more stuff bunched up at their waistband!

    Dress is beautiful by the way!
    2913 days ago
    No slip and no hose. You look great! Get the pedi and relax. Be confident in your choice - you look excellent.
    2913 days ago
    no slip, no hose. You look awesome!!!!
    2913 days ago
    Girl you look gorgeous! No slip and no hose!!!
    2913 days ago
    I never wear a slip and hardly ever wear panty hose. So I say go for it! I bet you look awesome in the size 8!!
    2913 days ago
    You look georgous and ditto on what everyone else said!
    2913 days ago
    You look FABULOUS....no slip...no hose...you look great...I just got a dress almost like this! Enjoy! emoticon
    2913 days ago
    What is the fabric of the dress? If you stand in the light can your DH see through it? That makes all the difference.

    You MUST show of the toes and with those shoes you definitely should do NO hose!

    Mind over matter my friend. Keep taking pics and keep one with you as a reminder of what size you are!

    2913 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/27/2010 4:50:34 PM
    Definitely no slip, no hose. You look so pretty, and I love the neckline!
    2913 days ago
  • KIMH239
    First..........you look amazing in that dress!!! No hose...no slip!!! I have not worn hose in years and couldn't bear to imagine it now! You only need a slip if you can see through the material.

    You look great!

    2913 days ago
    Love the dress ~ you look wonderful! I think you should do whatever is comfortable and worry about what you want b/c who makes these "rules" anyway and why worry about what they think!! In or out, cool or not so much, make your choice and be confident in it!!! You will look awesome! CONGRATS on having to order the size 8!
    2913 days ago
    According to the fashion police, hose are 'out'... so you are safe there!! (Praising the Lord that they are out of style! WOO HOO!!)
    No slip necessary unless dress is see-through or catches as you walk... so doubt you need it.
    Love Spanx!

    You look AWESOME! Look at some of your before pics - that helps to make the present more 'real'...
    2913 days ago
    I am a 70-yr old lady and I don't think you need hose or a slip! Have fun and enjoy that pretty dress!
    2913 days ago
    I think the size 8 looks great on you. I have a really hard time wearing clothes that show my curves/rolls but people always say I look better a little over-exposed than a little under-exposed. Your body shape is totally natural and looks good on your frame. The bold patterning is quite flattering and your bare arms look very elegant.
    2913 days ago
    I'm a bit fashion challenged myself, but I NEVER wear hose or slips. Maybe it's a Southern California thing, but it seems like wearing hose would stand out more than not. I'd say go without and rock those purple toenails! You look great in that dress!
    2913 days ago
    Oh my goodness that dress is great! Personally, I wouldn't wear a slip and I'm pretty conservative. I also hate tights (I was a dancer for years and now I hate tights, go figure). I don't think you have to wear them unless they boost your self confidence. My tip would be to just be sure to put on moisturizer, sometimes the bronzer, not lotion self tan stuff just something with a tiny bit of sheen makes your legs look much improved. Hope this helps! Seriously, I love that dress! Be well and well done!
    2913 days ago
    That dress is really cute! The only thing I usually wear a slip for is if I am afraid that you can see through the material. I think you should be safe there.

    As far as hoseless I say go for it!!! You need to show off that pedi!

    You look beautiful don't let that voice get to you!!
    2913 days ago
    the dress is so nice u dont need hose just weare it with high heels don't weare a lot of accessories with the dress u will look fabuolouse
    2913 days ago
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