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Goals Revisited

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Earlier this month I posted a blog with goals and wanted to check up on myself and see what I need to work on during this last week of April.

Here is my original goal entry:
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~ I've done pretty well at this one! I think I had only one genuine off-day this month, which was last Wednesday. Nice job, you!

2. Run 3 times per week
~ I think I ran only once per week the first two weeks of the month, but they were runs that made me fall in love (you know, with running, and a little bit with Evanston)! This week I was able to run 3 times, including my super long 6.5 miler! Since then I've joined a couple Sparkteams dedicated to running and want to learn more about how to properly start running longer (and faster) distances. Perhaps I'll read a book, too. Any suggestions?

3. Make running playlists on my ipod
~A big fat 'didn't do it'. The first couple runs I rediscovered Bloc Party buried in my ancient pod and listened to their album "Silent Alarm" straight through. Lately it's been back to my book-on-tape stand-bys and 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' is keeping me moving at present. hehe, after my long run I went to Whole Foods and the butcher asked what I was listening to, followed immediately by "don't lie! Tell the truth!" (could he just tell I was listening to something uber-geeky?) I told him and he had a good geek out reprieve as well, saying that he loves the narrator and asking how on earth I'm out and about and not riveted to my, erm, earphones? I love when music people aren't scoffers-- such a good quality! Oh, and he gave me an extra sausage. Score!

4. Run the Ravenswood Run 5K on April 25th
~eep, that's today! I was short on funds and procrastinated signing up for the race. Oops! But it was a pretty crappy day here in Chicago, so I'm glad I was shut up in my warm apartment and out of the wind and rain.

(ooh, we're getting into food territory!)

5. Eat about 1400 calories every day
Not so good this month. Nothing too ludicrous, but I went out of my range at least once each week. Plus I've started to feel like it's ok to nibble and eat sweet things, which it certainly is not (I'm talking to YOU, chocolate hazelnut biscotti that just came out of the oven for the cafe. BACK OFF!). Need to get better at this. There were a few days where I was SO HUNGRY, like way hungrier than I've been since starting Spark, so I let myself get to the top of my range those days (which is 1650 or something). But what worries me is when I am absentmindedly sticking things in my mouth or justify treats, two things I've done all too often this month. NO MORE, LADY! On the plus side, I've been pretty good at sticking around 1300 the day following my 1700 + days. So this next week I will not go over once and I will have mostly 1400 days, but a 1300 and a 1600 (long run day) as well.

6. Buy more fruits and vegetables as we run out of them.
A+ Val! I've been well stocked all month, both from trips to the fruit market and those post-run journeys into Whole Foods. I'm sure I spent more on groceries this month because of it (more on that later), but Moscato grapes! c'mon!

7. Do at least one Healthy Tastes-spotting blog per week.
~hmmm, I've probably done 3 or so this month. I should be more conscious of this, since I've been eating pretty good this month. I spared you the banoffee pie recipe, since it was not the least bit sparky. Last night I made slow cooker beef Mole that was frickin awesome. Maybe I'll do that one soon...

8. Get planters and soil for the herbs I'm planting in May
~I've still got a week! yikes, I don't even know what it is we'll be planting!

9. Cut out artificial crap! (This was a 3-parter)
~I've almost completely bid Splenda adieu! A few weak moments at the beginning of the month where I added sugar free vanilla to my iced coffee, but it's been sugar for me and I've survived the 15 calories a teaspoon adds to my coffee.
9b. Look at the ingredients in things before I buy them
~Yay, I've bought only delicious, natural things this month! No artificial sweeteners, high fructose (or regular) corn syrup, glutumates, etc. I also put on here no refined flour, but I've bought a couple white flour things. I'm fine with that.
9c. reduce how much sliced turkey I eat at work
~Well, yes, I did this, but then I replaced it with our chicken salad, so still not superb. Then I said, 'oh the hell with it' last week and had some turkey again. But I brought my lunch quite a number of days, so "reduced" has definitely been achieved.

10. Go (a bit more) Organic!
~I've done well and bought only organic eggs and dairy all month! It tastes a lot better, by the way! Still drinking plain old milk at work, but not loads of it. As for meat, I've bought only from whole foods, some organic, mostly just humane.

11. Wash all my produce
~Ta-Da! Not a very hard transition. It's like I had it in me all along!

12. Eat Enough Protein and Fat!
~O.M.G. Have I ever adopted this goal. I'm eating SO much more meat than I used to-- lots of chicken and turkey. I eat meat almost every day now, which was not the norm, and if I'm working I often eat meat for two of my meals. This is why I earlier my grocery bill will be a bit more expensive this month... I've even started eating eggs sometimes for lunch and dinner! As for fat, I still am just barely making my daily requirements and mostly thanks to these added meats, though lean, and avocados. nom nom nom. It's weird, but I've definitely started craving protein a lot more and breads and grains a lot less. A pretty good trade, I reckon.

13. Fika only once per week
~Just to refresh you on your Swedish, fika is the verb for having a relaxing coffee, treat, and conversation, sort of like taking tea in England I'd think. As the manager of a coffee shop, I can sometimes let my desire to fika get out of hand. I love love love having a latte or macchiato with a little sweet something and some laughs with a friend. I've been better at this-- I'll still have the laughs but usually with plain coffee. I had a few little fair trade dark chocolates throughout the month, no brownies or anything of major consequence. I also started making little leftover lattes at home-- putting a tsp. of vanilla sugar in about 2 ounces of drip coffee while still a bit warm then topping it off with my tasty organic milk. Since I've been in iced latte moods, this works perfectly and is only about 55 calories. mmmm.

14. Keep the Apartment clean!
~I was so good.. for a couple days. Then it piled up and then... I was so good! for a couple days. I'm on a weekend clean-streak now but am warily eying the dishes piled up from making the biscotti and dinner in rapid succession. DO IT VAL!

(non weight-loss goals)

15. Read some dang books, Val!
~I said at least 3 this month. In my former life I usually would read about 2 a week. What did I read this month? Well, I'm finishing one book tonight after I'm done writing to you fine folks and then I joined another book club so there's one chocked up for May's list. Fine! Fine! I'll read more tomorrow, too.

16. Save $100 towards my reward-trip ($30 each paycheck and $5 for each pound I lose)
~Um, didn't happen. I guess probably $60 went in the bank...

Weigh-in stuff!
~Starting Weight: 188.5
~Goal Weight: 180.5
~ My right now (or at least yesterday) weight: 183.8. Eep, still 3 pounds to go! Not really doable for me in one week. Let's try to lose 2, please!

Forgotten goals that I added into the comment section:
1. Write out my fitness regimen for each week
~done and done! This has become such a good habit and I really rely on it!

2. Spread the Spark
~ Not so good, though there haven't been many opportunities where people ask how I'm losing weight. I am getting some compliments, though, and a girl loves that!

Round up for April's first three weeks:

Like I said earlier, I want to revert to my previous 3 months' ban of sweet stuff and mindless snackies. No, you don't deserve them. You deserve a hot bod and this will just put it off.

Today I noticed some burgeoning oblique muscles! And my ribs are starting to peek out, too! Weird and awesome.

I got a heart rate monitor and have been making comparisons and adjustments to my work-outs because of it. One channel on my internet zumba gets my heart rate up like crazy, so just doing their 3 videos twice in a row burns as many calories as 30 Day Shred (which, when doubled up, burns as many calories as my gym's bootcamp class). It's an awesome tool. You should get one.

I started putting together a motivation collage, though I feel a bit silly doing it. I feel even sillier because the idea came to me in a dream and I then just started noticing things I would put on it.

I started writing on my non-spark blog, though since I'm not reading as much there's hardly anything to say! You've taken over my life, weight-loss!

phew! Not too shabby, I dare say. Actually I thought I was a lot worse off before having my little revisit here and now am geared up and ready for a week of action. Two pounds will be gone by Friday morning, mark my words! Now off to write out fitness regimen for the week (and THEN finish that book and THEN, if there's time, do the dishes)

This is Val signing off!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • KARVY09
    Looks like you did really well this month! Gratz!
    2944 days ago
  • SUGIRL06
    I love reading your blogs!!! You always sound so peppy and chipper.
    First off, I think you should read "The Non-Runner's Guide to Marathon Training for Women". It is hilarious yet informative at the same time. She's got lots of great tips for the reader while keeping it lighthearted. I think you'll enjoy it! I also have 2 books I borrowed from my running buddy about running and I will let you know about those later.
    Second, you are so inspiring!!! You've done great this month! And I know what you mean about the funds to do a run. I would do more runs but I can't afford it! LoL! And I'm so happy to see the all natural eating! :) I keep on trying with that but haven't been doing great lately. I gotta get those FS blogs going again. They really keep me on track!
    I think that's it for now. I just loved this blog entry:)
    2944 days ago
    "Like I said earlier, I want to revert to my previous 3 months' ban of sweet stuff and mindless snackies. No, you don't deserve them. You deserve a hot bod and this will just put it off." - I LOVE THIS! I am so using this the next time I am staring longingly at that pesto tomato cheese dip. Sounds like you are doing great! And from Evanston no less...I am in IL too. 5 minutes from Starved Rock State Park.
    2944 days ago
    Sounds like you're doing great so far. You definitely have given yourself a LOT of things to work toward and keep track of. I'd be overwhelmed! You should've done the Ravenswood Run Sunday. I was TOTALLY not looking forward to it, thinking it was going to be a horrible day. Then Sunday morning came around and the temperature was great... I even wished I hadn't worn long sleeves and pants! The rain held off too... at one point I was running east wishing I had some sunglasses! Oh well there will be MANY more 5k's you can do in the coming month (like uh... 5 every weekend haha)
    2945 days ago
    Running : Getting Started by Jeff Galloway

    Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen by Christopher McDougall

    Just some help with running books.
    The first one is about running, offers a step by step program.

    And the second book is a really great story.
    This guy sets off to find a tribe of the world’s greatest distance runners and learn their secrets, and in the process shows us that everything we thought we knew about running is wrong.

    2945 days ago
    I really need to start putting my goals in writing somewhere where other people can see them and offer feedback or butt-kicking as necessary, because it seems to be really helpful.

    And to echo everyone else, you're looking great!
    2945 days ago
    Look at you, tiny lady! You are doing so awesome!
    2946 days ago
    You look great!! You had an ambitious goal list and did pretty good with it. Keep at it and you will have it nailed down.
    2946 days ago
    Girl, you are already gorgeous and hot! love the picture, and the blog. I'll have to remember "fika" because I love to do it, too. :) Sounds like overall you are doing very very well on your goals, and in the week you have left you should be able to cross off most of the ones still unfinished. Good luck, and can't wait to hear that you showed those two pounds the door!
    2946 days ago
  • ANNE7X7
    Wow girl!! You are kicking butt this month! This blog reminds me that I should go check my April goals to see what I've accomplished and what I can still do this last week! Gotta love being a procrastinator!

    Hope this last week of April is amazing for you!! You look FANTASTIC girl. Your arms are toned and your abs are looking goood!!
    2946 days ago
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