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1st Group Bike Ride / Heart Walk / Our Journey

Sunday, April 25, 2010

We had a terrific turnout for our bike club's roadside cleanup, around 20-30 members...rounded up bags & bags of trash, including a box fan, shovel, countless liquor bottles and beer cans...ugh! Sad stuff, but SUPER to be RID of it and to scrub up our little stretch of Mother Earth!

Afterward around 18 of us gathered for our bike trip...yep, another 18 miler...lol! I had chatted with a few folks beforehand and tried to hang with them, but found after a while that they broke into two different groups so I kicked up the pace to keep up with the faster group, but couldn't sustain that pace so I ended up solo during the latter part of the trip in between the two groups. Although I could see the group ahead of me they made the left turn to go over the bridge.

I'm a bit shaky on left turns and it took a bit before I felt like I had the right of way. I had thought that we were going to meet for ice cream. So after crossing the bridge I turned right & went to the two different ice cream shops on the main drag (practically right NEXT to each other...lol) and was looking for folks, waiting for a bit.

Finally a member came along and he said folks kinda split up going to different places for lunch. He said he had some errands to run back home and was just heading up to the park and loop back down to return to our starting point. I wasn't really prepared to do lunch either so I joined him and we had a nice chat, enjoying the ride back together.

So although it wasn't glitch-free, it was a good time and has me looking forward to more rides to come!

Today's Heart Walk was fun, even though I was the only member of SparkPeople there. I had my bright red SparkPeople shirt on and although it had been raining it let up in time for the walk so it was only an occasional light misty drizzle. Silly me, I brought a windbreaker...I realized as we prepared to launch the walk that I would only sweat even MORE wearing it...so carried it along with my umbrella which I didn't use. There were two walks a 1-mile and 2-mile. The terrain was pretty darned hilly, but that was fine to me!

It really wasn't any kind of competition, but I set out right away to work my way up through the crowd and it soon became apparent that others had a similarly competitive, challenging spirit. I moved into the lead of the 2-mile group, but a few folks THOUGHT they could book it faster than me on the level ground...little did they know when the hills came up that I've had my incline 10 training on my treadmill...lol! It was only two miles, but fun to be first. Rather than have DW come pick me up I walked from the school down to the mall around a mile and half away. Then did some mall-walking too.

Recently a few message board posts inspired / rekindled some thoughts that I pass along here as well, FWIW:

I think one of the greatest gifts we can learn to give ourself, for which SparkPeople and our SparkFamily serves as SUCH a WONDERFUL catalyst, is to realize that we are capable of SO much more than we THINK we are! All too often we can be our own BIGGEST barrier to accomplishing our heart's desire...once we can break through that...?

One of the most powerful motivators for me was to be deep down in my soul SO sick and tired of being sick and tired that I was willing to try ANYTHING to get myself out of my rut. One of my eye-openers...LITERALLY...lol, was to try getting up earlier so that I could get my workout done right away before the day ran away with itself.

Lo & behold I found out something that worked!

Will that work for you? Who knows? Only YOU will find what works for you *IF* you can keep putting one foot ahead of the other and trying something new & different out until you find things that "click" and "work."

Keep banging the flint onto the rock until VOILA!...a SPARK IGNITES YOUR LIFE!


Now a corollary occurs to me, regarding the pitfalls of maintenance: the longer we keep the weight off, the greater the distance between the present and the pain and agony (sick & tired yadda yadda) that LAUNCHED this lifestyle change.

I think this is a HUGE factor in relapse...! AND I think keeping active with the message boards and touching base with the newer members who are struggling so helps me to keep this old motivating pain fresh in my mind.

To those of us who've reclaimed our lives to our liking: NEVER AGAIN! We just CANNOT *EVER* allow our lives to get SO out of control! There isn't ANYTHING worth giving up this freedom and joy for which we've fought and struggled to accomplish!

To those beginning or still on your journey:



TOGETHER we WILL reach our goals and MAINTAIN them!

Woo hoo! :-)

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    awesome blog don! very inspiring. :)
    2975 days ago
    Well said. Way to Spark Don!
    2975 days ago
    What a great blog, Don! You are on my list of maintainers I regularly check in on (I'm still 80+ pounds to goal). You are an inspiration. I am doing all I can now to make this a lifestyle change and not a diet. I am focusing on activities like you and other maintainers have done and transferring my goal-setting techniques to activity and fitness goals rather than the scale. Thanks so much for your continued support and contributions to SP--you make a world of difference!
    2977 days ago
    This was some great food for thought, Don. There were a lot of things that really spoke to me, and I really appreciate you sharing this.

    2977 days ago
  • _VALEO_
    You're such an inspiration, Don. I'll keep in mind your blog everytime I'm my biggest barrier.
    2978 days ago
    Thank you for sharing such an amazing blog. I really needed to hear this today. emoticon
    2978 days ago
    Thank you for another inspirational blog.
    emoticon emoticon
    2978 days ago
    hi don,

    i always feel so full of energy when i read your blogs. I feel like i can do anything!!

    2978 days ago
    Hi Don ,u are so amazing...i feel really nice reading your blogs.U r as refreshing as ever...
    you spoke my heart when you said that "One of the most powerful motivators for me was to be deep down in my soul SO sick and tired of being sick and tired that I was willing to try ANYTHING to get myself out of my rut."So TRUE....really true i too started on this journey and took it very seriously now because i was so sick of my big body and the discomforts i faced in daily life health wise..i was literally experiencing daily headaches and high BP,with impaired glucose tolerance...that was the last to break the ice...i woke up from a deep slumber....now i dont feel or experience any of these and thanks to spark that i continue with my spark of acheiving health ..
    emoticon emoticon
    2978 days ago
    Indeed we can do much more then we think. We are champs in going for easy. :)
    Just woke up half an hour earlier to do Walk it Out of Coach Nicole's Cardio Blast DVD. Made it and am off to work!!
    Have a nice day!
    2978 days ago
    Wow! What a great weekend you had, being active in the outdoors! Loved the bit about how you kicked it into gear on that walk! Good stuff, that!

    What a great blog entry! emoticon
    2978 days ago
    A WONDERFUL blog Don!!! Truly helps understand both sides of the fence and how we work together to help each other and ourselves in encouraging and empowering one another. THANKS so much for sharing!

    As for your weekend.. Wooo Hooo in accomplishing all you did. Looks like I'll have to turn the SparkPoints agenda into Spark Fitness agenda so it does me better good in the long run. Been slowly prepping the home front with tools while doing the Curves workouts 3 times a week.
    2978 days ago
    Your words dig down into my spirit and may help me uncover some of the grime that is covering it up. Thanks for your wonderful combination of discipline, passion, and stewardship.
    You're the emoticon
    2978 days ago
    Always an inspiration! Glad to hear you had such a great weekend and that you're getting to spend a lot of time with your bike! emoticon
    2978 days ago
  • FRECKS96
    Great blog, as always Don! I'm so glad you have such wonderful events this weekend-I wanted to do the walk, but we ended up having company. Congrats on your accomplishment with that! Keep up the great work and make it a great week!
    2978 days ago
  • L*I*T*A*
    emoticon emoticon
    thanks for sharing....
    blessings and hugs...lita
    2978 days ago
    Gosh Don....you are such a go-getter and you are absolutely on FIRE with your exercise! Someday I hope to be like you!! You really do inspire me.

    Thank you for the words of inspiration! They really made my day! I think I'm going to get up and go exercise!!!!

    2978 days ago
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