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Sunday, April 25, 2010


For those of you who would like to read Geneen Roth, she has an article in May's Redbook with Jennifer Lopez on the front. It's titled "5 ways to end your war with food." Her philosophy is simple, eat when you are hungry. "If you eat when you're not hungry, you're using food as a drug. And the question is: Why?" she says. Uhmmm. Yes, why, do we eat when we are not hungry? Why oh why. If I knew the answer to that I could be a millionaire. She makes you stop and think though and I've been concentrating on how my stomach feels. If it hurts, its acid reflux and if it is growling it is hunger. Started taking prilosec for the acid reflux so maybe that will help because I tend to eat when it is hurting.

God spoke to me in church today. It is Good Shepherd Sunday and the opening confession was, "God of life, you provide all that we need, but we often want more. (Food) You lead us to green pastures(vegetables) and refreshing waters, (8 glasses) but then we choose other paths." ........and then we blame you for deserting us."

Geneen says we have a relationship with food and we need to find out what the truth about it is. I'm supposed to be working on a vision statement so I am looking at 160 lbs as a goal and what is it about 160 pounds that makes me want to be there but keeps me from getting there? At 160 lbs I believe I can maintain that weight. I will be healthy without a fat roll around my stomach. I will probably be in a size 12 but I'll be able to wear many of my now clothes, they just won't be tight. And I can take in a seam. 160. It just sounds like a good number.
So why am I at 180 and what is stopping me from getting to that illusive 160.

1. I look and feel really good at the weight I am at. My clothes fit. I'm wearing a 14 in some cases.
2. I like to cheat. When I was younger, I could cheat and still lose. But no more. Who am I fooling? Not helping myself for sure.
3. If Geneen says I can eat when I'm hungry then I can eat what I want. But this isn't necessarily true is it. Many times I eat when I'm not hungry just because it is there, or I am bored, or hubby got one so I can too. Or my stomach hurts. My sister had acid reflux and she used to eat plates of pasta to sooth it. Now that she has lost 60 lbs, she no longer has it. So if I'm going to eat when I'm hungry, I need to be hungry and to stop eating when I'm full.

I've been here at Spark for 4 months and I'm ready to make some progress. Without Spark I would have given up by now. I was so frustrated yesterday morning but I focused on completing my nutrition tracker and I finished yesterday with about 1500 calories. That's okay. I've been doing some inquiry as Geneen suggests and learning about my feelings , etc. I set some achievable goals yesterday for this coming week. So maybe, something will happen! Thanks for all of my spark helpers out there. Tomorrow.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I found out 4 days ago I have an acid reflux. I was being sick
    for months and had no idea what was that. Now I know but I'm
    kind of scared about what to eat and what NOT to !!! Love to have a hot sweet coffee in the morning with cream .... oh yes.
    Miss it but I'm sick of being sick. I had to give it up...
    I will need some help to learn how and what to do with this sickness emoticon
    2913 days ago
    Congrats to you for hanging in there and staying committed!
    2920 days ago
  • REJ7777
    I love reading Geneen Roth! Thank you for the reminder to eat when hungry. emoticon
    2920 days ago
  • SROUS1340
    I understand what you are saying. I've been at SP 3 months now and would have given it up before now. I can't cheat anymore and lose weight and I am at 160 and would prefer 140, but it is comfortable at this weight. I have gotten down to 140 before at WW but always felt hungry. I am going to work on increasing exercise and still maintain that 1200-1500 range. I actually seem to lose when I eat high and low in the range-following my hunger. That emotional eating is a tough one. A life long battle for me. Good luck, you can do this!!! emoticon
    PS where is that gorgeous azalea?
    2920 days ago
    I am now reading geneen Roth's book "Breaking Free from Emotional Eating" and everything that is in the magazine article is in her book...I can't put it down, maybe because what she says has really hit home with me. This week I have tried to eat when I am hungry...it is working for the most part and I know it is what is best for my body...
    2921 days ago
  • ANDI571
    I could have written this blog. Years ago I lost weight with The Weigh Down Diet. Same concept, of eating when you are hungry and praying to find out why you eat. I thought I just liked to eat. I found out big time that I was an emotional eater.

    I started SP a few weeks ago, even though I signed up a year ago. Through blogging I found out that I had let "life" throw me for a loop and was no longer eating the way I used to, when hungry.

    I too have found, that where I used to be able to cheat, I no longer can do that. It just doesn't work.

    Good blog, keep up the good work.
    2921 days ago
    1500 isn't bad, especially with all the running around and lugging-of-samples (!) you've been doing lately. As to the acid reflux: have you ever been checked for h. pylori? Himself had it a couple years ago, and we thought he was getting an ulcer. If his stomach got at all empty - even before it would be rumbling - he would start hurting. He said it felt like severe heartburn, and antacids didn't help much, but if he ate something, that would do the trick. He ended up eating more often between meals - plus the meals themselves - and was starting to gain weight. Finally went to the doctor, who suspected h. pylori, tested him for it, and voila. Prescribed the antibiotic that wipes it out, and he hasn't had any trouble since. Just a thought... :-)
    2921 days ago
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