Dumb but True.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My entire family has worked in criminal justice forever. Hubby was a state officer. Youngest son is a Federal Agent. (See those capital letters? He earns them every day. Stressful job.) Oldest son was an undercover narc in deep cover for years. Now works as an investigator for the court. I worked in and headed the pre-trial release department for my county and worked for several judges along the way.

So, you’ve heard and read those “Crooks do dumb things” articles? Here’s a true one for you.

Man walks into a camera store in the mall on a busy day and manages to walk out with an expensive camera. The manager has his eye on him but is so busy he can’t get to him before he gets away. Calls the cops. Gives a description, but really, what are the chances?

A week later, the SAME man returns to the SAME store, with the SAME camera he stole, complaining that it doesn’t work. Store manager recognizes him, apologizes profusely, says he’ll fix it for free but it will take a few days. Thief obligingly gives manager his DRIVER’S LICENSE information so he can get a receipt. Manager promises to contact him soon! OH YEAH. The police picked him up about an hour later. Was that soon enough? LOL
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