Setting up for failure?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Buy one get one and could I resist. My kids love mini donuts and what mom doesn't want to get their kids what they want
I have my stock of snacks in the house. they actually take up a small cabinet. I was prepared. I could do this
I am an emotional and binge eater (thanks Raven2feathers for your blog on this) and with all going on in my life bringing those donuts in.....not the smartest move I've made.
I did can recognize that this is something I am going to have to confront and overcome but you know what today isn't that day and that's okay
I think it is important to recognize what we can and cannot do. Of course we all have strength to overcome things we think we can't. I also believe that knowing limits are important. With that being said there are times in our lives when it is best to not try to conquer everything at once. For me this is one of those times.

So I have learned that I can't have donuts in the house until I am able to handle them or at least have something that I believe is a great substitution.

thank goodness i only bought the two bags and have been offering them to the kids hoping to finish them quickly

So I am going to continue to set myself up for success and simply accept not every battle will be won at first but will be eventually
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    emoticon job on realizing what works best for you! I am the same way with chocolate and Doritos. Out of sight, out of mind.....
    4073 days ago
    I know how you feel , too. It is so hard for me to have sweets in my house , cuz soon as things go " bad' , I go for the most fattening thing. It is great that you shared your experience , and I applaud you for that. emoticon
    4074 days ago
    I know exactly how you feel. I would buy my sons things for his lunch and tell myself that is for his lunch it helped psych myself out.Whew!! Good luck! You can do it.
    4075 days ago
  • LORREE63
    I know exactly where you are.

    I have a cupboard that is on the other side of the kitchen away from the pantry. That is where I keep the cookies and such. I am not a cookie eater (unless homemade) but it still needs to be out of the way. Chips are another story. I buy the 1 ounce bags for their lunches but they have to be hidden behind the buffet in the dining room. I know they are there - but I am an out-of-sight out-of mind kind of eater for certain things.

    But doughnuts, muffins, mixed nuts, chocolate bars and anything extra good and calorie laden - forget it. Oh, and red licorice....can't be in the house or it just sings to me.

    So I don't buy THOSE things.

    The funny thing kids have not asked where "those" treats are. It must be a gene they inherited from their father.
    It kind of makes me nuts!
    4077 days ago
  • FRANRN76
    I cannot have sweets in the house either. WEll I do have small york peppermint patties, but they are in the freezer in the basement. I normally onlly keep 10 up in the top fridge for the week. If I want more then I have to walk down the stairs to the basement. Most of the time I am too lazy to do that.

    Just a thought. Have you ever tried the FiberOne bars? I get the chocolate ones. They are awesome. Taste like I am eating a candy bar. Has 9 grams of fiber, so it feels you up a bit.
    4077 days ago
    I can't have treats in my house either. I don't have young children around anymore either though so it's easier for me to keep the house temptation free. Great job recognizing what you need to do for you to be successful. Good luck!! emoticon
    4077 days ago
    Second blog I replied on tonight concerning donuts, they must be flying in the air.
    All you have to do is accept those donuts are a trigger and not bring them in the house. I tried buying cookies on Monday boy what a mistake that was. I was hung over on Tuesday. Sugar is so much like a drug. The more we eat the more we want a fix of it. Never be guilty your not bringing in treats for your kids. Staying healthy really does mean rethinking what our concept of treats really is doesn't it? Buy more fruit. Get out and play with them, your kids I They will be happy and healthy. God bless you on your journey.
    4078 days ago
    Wow - good for you! Temptation is going to be everywhere, but when you are living a helthy lifestyle, then alternatives seem to pop up just as easily.

    LOL - I can just imagine you setting out the donuts in a bowl on the table and just walking away. Kids have a way of making that stuff disappear in a hurry!


    an> emoticon

    4078 days ago
  • JULIE_1978
    I totally hear what you are saying!! I had my own moment in the grocery store today because they had reduced perfectly good cupcakes because the cake decorator had used the wrong colour icing on the cupcake - 6 cupcakes for $1 (they had quite a few packages to get rid of..) The old me probably would have bought 2 packages home to share with my "family" - literally one package for me and one for them! And I would probably have thought I could eat the cupcakes over the space of a few days but I know I would have eaten them all by tomorrow because I am middle of the night binger. But I'm determined that change that by one little victory at a time! Keep up the great work and everytime you have an AH HA moment as they call them, take the time to learn the lesson! That's what I keep telling myself!!

    4078 days ago
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