One-year Spark-versary?!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Apparently today is my emoticon! I'm rather sad that I've only been active on the site for 4 or 6 months of those 12, but that's better than none at all!

These past four months have been really amazing - restarting the Spark and starting to exercise, rejoining Weight Watchers, just getting the ball rolling again, and everything...

Seriously, it wouldn't have been possible without y'all. I don't think I say emoticon quite enough for the support that I get here. I get support once a week from my Weight Watchers meeting, and I know that I have my leader's phone number available, but it's not the same as having y'all here, and the kind words and thumbs-up and pick-me-ups y'all have given me, the cheering-up and the confidence and just overall, the amount of support I've gotten...

I am not even kidding, I would not be this far on if it wasn't for you all. You are my cheerleaders, and I'm well aware of this!

So thank you all. One year in, and I haven't lost a lot of weight, but I've made a good little start.

Thanks to me, and thanks to you, and here's to another year, yeah?!


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