Goals to get me back on track and of course a few new photos of our little Michaela!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mommy, Daddy and Michaela, 2 weeks old.

Good morning all!! I am one happy Momma today! Last night my angel did SO well. She slept from 7:00 - 11:00 then fed, then went back to sleep and slept all the way until 3:00 am. At this point she was WIDE awake and it took me until 4:30 am to get her back to sleep. She was not crying, just totally awake and looking around. At 4:30 am she finally drifted off to sleep and so did I. She slept until 7:30 am fed once again and then slept another few hours until 10:00 am!!! WOW!! I am so happy!! I was able to get some good rest and it feels fantastic. I am hoping for another good night, we will see!

Right now she is resting in her bouncing chair next to me while I take a moment to get back to blogging my goals and so on. I NEED to get back on track with my daily goals. I have to get in my vitamins, water and such as I have been so focused on doing everything for her that I have neglected my own needs.

I am going to try each day to post my calories, water and so on just as I did throughout my pregnancy and during my weight loss years. I went the doctor yesterday for my postpartum checkup and all is well. I am healing well but I still have some soreness especially when sitting down. He cleared me for weight training and light walking when I feel I am ready. I also can try to jog SLOWLY when I feel better too. I need to wait a few more days until the soreness improves but I am looking forward to hitting the trails again soon.

The BIGGEST thing I need to make sure I am doing each day is getting my water in. You guys know that I am a big fan of water and during pregnancy and well before then I would get in a good 128 oz a day, some times more. Now that I am breastfeeding, I need to make sure I continue this as it will help maintain my milk supply. In terms of my caloric intake I am aiming for 1500 - 1800 calories a day for now but when I start working out I will increase it to probably 1700- 2000 per day depending on how hard I am able to workout.

I am SOOOO happy with my weight loss so far. I was shocked how fast the weight came off. I know these last 5 - 6 pounds will come off before I know it, IF I do my part and get back on a routine.

So here are my goals for today -

1. Get in at least 128 oz of water
2. Log foods and stay within caloric range
3. Walk at least 30 mins tonight
4. Make sure I take all my vitamins and supplements

Now for the fun stuff!! Here are some photos of our Michaela with her grandma who is TOTALLY in love with her little princess girl!

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