Fat Chick Attends Norah Jones Concert!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We had a blast!

For those of you old enough to know who Ravi Shankar was, Norah Jones is his daughter.

She is an accomplished musician, and has a marvelous voice. Her music is a bit folksy/country. I'm not a country music fan, but I really love to listen to Norah.

Plus, how can you NOT love a singer who sings about her dog, and puts him on the cover of her last album? :)


It’s him and me
That’s what he said
But I can’t choose between a vegan and a pothead
So I chose you, because you’re sweet
And you give me lots of loving, and you’ll eat meat

And that’s how you became
My only man of the hour

You’ll never lie and you don’t cheat
And you don’t have anybody tied to your four feet
Do I deserve to be the one?
Who will feed you breakfast, lunch and dinner
And take you to the park at dawn?
Will you be my only man of the hour?

I know you’ll never bring me flowers
Flowers they’ll only die
And though we’ll never take a shower together
I know you’ll never make me cry
You’ll never argue, you don’t even talk
And I like the way you let me lead you
When we go outside and walk
Will you really be, my only man of the hour?
My only man of the hour
My only man of the hour


Last year, we saw David Byrne at the same venue. I was so out of shape and my back hurt so bad that I was literally in tears. People were standing up for the concert, and there was just no freaking way I could stand for three hours. I had to use the elevator to get to the seating area because I couldn't do the stairs.

They gave us special handicapped seating in the upper balcony.

I'm still fat, but you know - I trotted right up and down those stairs, no problem. My back didn't hurt one bit tonight.

I'm making progress. I enjoyed a night out without pain, without embarrassment for having to ask for special accommodations. At the break, *I* was the one who went to stand in line for refreshments. I couldn't do that last year. Another woman told me she liked the glitter on my face. :) It was actually a cheap gold glittery eye shadow that kind of migrated, but what the heck, I told her thank you. :)

Thank you, Spark People.
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  • 0309COOKIE
    Love that song.
    3258 days ago
    It sounds like an amazing night. And Norah has the most lovely voice. There is something about music that touches the soul in a way that nothing else can. So happy to hear that tonight was a success in every way (good music, good health, good company). And my favorite - the glitter. I love the glitter. Fabulous!
    3261 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3261 days ago
    How fantabulous!!!
    3261 days ago
    I know what you mean about being in pain from the weigh of the body crushing in on itself. Every morning I felt that pain. Isn't it GREAT to be somewhat pain-free?!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3261 days ago
    It's a wonderful thing when you are able to take care of your own problems like back pain.

    Not to get all biblical on your a$$ but it really is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

    3261 days ago
    These are the things that mark progress--congratulations for the increase in stamina and also for recognizing the improvements and letting them help motivate you!
    3261 days ago
    Awesome, I love Norah Jones and she just keeps getting better the longer she's around! So glad you had a good time, and a pain-free time to boot! Isn't it great when you have those moments of comparison that make it all worth it? :)
    3261 days ago
    I'm so proud and pleased for you! That's wonderful.

    p.s. and Yes, I know Ravi Shankar - far better than I know Nora Jones.
    3261 days ago
    So Happy for you this is wonderful news. You deserve to be healthy and you are working hard to achieve this Congratulations on your progress! a true SPARKLEY (gold glitter) Person!!! emoticon emoticon
    3261 days ago
    Fun! I like Norah Jones, and love Ravi Shankar. I am so glad you could comfortably enjoy the concert. You have made wonderful progress!
    3261 days ago
    And that, my Glittery Sparkly Friend, is what it's all about. Doing the normal things that everyone else can do. Without pain. Without discomfort. With a great big smile!

    You go, girl!
    3261 days ago
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