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Monday, November 13, 2006

Have you ever considered how difficult it is to actually navigate around in Spark,finding appropriate team,finding folks who have a shred of common interests. I thought by forming my own team I could mearly share what little I knew with a Group of folks that maybe knew as much or had better ideas I am glad I did. The reason I am glad is that it did put in my life the diversity I was seeking and all of those who participate here are "Care-givers" and I love that,I kind of think we know alillte more about what works and how precious time is.So I joined a small group of other teams to fill in the blank pages,I am from a Judeo_Christain Background so I joined them,I love absolutely Love caring for Animals so I joined them,I was a Breeder of Choice when I raised Old English Mastiff's and took several Animal Husbandry course at College so I could be a Better "MaMa" to them,I think they raised me not vice-a-versa,so to be given so many choices of teams WOW what a joy,so I introduce myself each time and go to check each time whether I am being welcomed in or what,the OR whats kinda got me,anyway its so important in my mind at least to be a Good Shepard once you start something you see it to the end even if the outcome is something you don't recognise but one Team didn't so much as welcome me at any level,my horse team I hate that that happened honestly,and I just don't have enough time betwwen caring for my Husband to actually be involved with everything here at Spark and I certainly am not going to make any new rules in my own team room,which is Twisslers.I want everyone to seek thier own comfort level here,like an old favorite shoe you slip into when you get home. I set the Foundation for this group because "I AM AN EMOTIONAL EATER" and with my Husband illness I can find my sanctuary here to say why I ate,where I was at before loosing weight and then garner some one elses strength,expertise and Hope,for without Hope of a better,healthier lifestyle we might as well just stay sitting down,don't get into action and wallow,I won't wallow. You'll also hear me share my Faith,but you'll also hear me share about how out of whack I became and I am no longer ashamed to share every area of who,what and where I am today. I have always,always wanted to give back the Gifts that were freely given to me so many years ago by the people whom have loved me,I wanted to light a pathway for anyone else who in serious moments of doubt just didn't see the light at the end of the tunnel to do that I feel its so important to talk and be open to discuss why and what brought us to our Knees,figuratively and in the light of reality,those bare bones. How precious and even more precious daily is the Gift I for so many years took for granted and I will say that with every breath I take daily.All of Life is a gift and for me personally it means illuminating every area the Soul,the Mind,the Body,and your heart I feel until we submit absolutely in all areas a Restoration or even growth can never take place in us. I came here to loose the last 40 pounds I have,a far cry from the Morbidly Obese woman I had become at 330 pounds some 2 1/2 years ago I feel it is important that no matter what I should say everytime some one whom weighs as much as I used to stretches forth her hand to me I should greet her,I should say Yes I know how lonely you are,yes I had eatting disorders from my 3rd Birthday,yes I never knew what skinny looked like,yes I was Bankrupted hopelessly bankrupted.Since my Journal contains my emotions and my outlet for them rather than apple pie with all the dressing I can pile on top I also want to add I am no longer Morbidly Obese. I wish I could say tomorrow you'll wake-up and all that Life has done to you will pass away but thats not exactly true either.I am a True Believer "If you extend kindness,it comes back to you" and thats my selfish part,I am like everyone else I want to be treated with kindness. I never hated Skinny people whaen I was Fat I just hated that I could never sit in a restaurant eating with my Husband without feeling all the eyes in the room looking at what I was eatting,or that they preferred to look past me and answer my question by speaking to my Husband ,my Husband being a Tall skinny guy himself with this short fat wife,or making fun of myself at my own expense just so I could feel a part of not a side show act. The ripple effect for me at least is that sharing has made me whole,all of it the good,the bad ,the indifferent.I have volumes of Personal Journals and Poetry to prove it God Bless you all and Keep you safe and out of the refrigerator one day at a time..Hugs,Linda kay
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    Thank you for the welcome. And I also that your husband for serving us all so well.

    Hugs to you both while you face his illness.

    I live in Santa Barbara, and was wondering where you live in California.
    5069 days ago
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