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Which Shakedown Ya Want? I Got Some Fresh Yoga or Some Juicy Weight Management !!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I chose yoga.

I can't stand Weight Watchers, not since 1973, although I'd joined, among others, a hippie-dippie touchy feely-weight management group called Stay Slim Inc. once. I did not lose a pound after a whole year with them. But I loved my Gail (Stay Slim lecturer who'd lost hundreds of pounds and made me feel appreciated) and take her with me in my mind every day. SHE gives me the benefit of the doubt. Every single time.

Maybe not a great example here: I have had a mere class card at my local yoga studio--not an unlimited membership, not a teacher trainee voucher. I practice alone on my own, as my medical expenses and time constraints make it not feasible for me to get fully involved. Which the studio still appreciates, as they really want to train serious professional yogis (for the big $$), mostly, not former meditation addicts with maybe special needs/borderline loca de cabeza ... but the economy is not in recovery yet. And us low-value customers, taken as a group, bring in some serious change !

Yes, I am interested in yoga--which, even in a group, an alone activity--I'm not very naturally flexible, and thus I do not bring attention to myself with contortion or other pyrotechnics. I have incredible lower limb strength. Great for baddha parsvakonasana, which I still want to do in the class with the Yoga Teacher to the Future Yoga Rock Stars, when I get a Round Tuit.

At the cost of taking the class with the teacher who is very good but not the master teacher (the master teacher is all about being outgoing and much about performing), I had gotten the benefit of friendlier classmates (hereinafter referred to as the Glee Club) on the whole (assuming I can get to the class directly from my job--a lengthy commute--studio is near my HOME). My unscientific observations have not changed over time.

But now, the Shakedown had begun. Not enough serious change per unit time has passed from my pocket to the studio's coffers, evidently. This master teacher told me I should be taking a private lesson from the teacher with the Glee Club, and that it would help me for his class. WHILE IN CLASS. While he was again torturing me, my muscles searing, my head pounding, with him holding me up in an inversion I could not get up into myself, that most of the rest of the class was doing.

Like as if his class has prerequisites, and I needed to get tutored.

Needless to say, the Queen Bee teacher with the Glee Club is a little arrogant and standoffish as a teacher--a major, major control freak. It vaguely occurred to me that I would not get the private lesson I wanted from her.

But she had seemed encouraging of my accomplishments in this guy's class. She was game to try the tutoring I needed.

I had not known at the the time, that though the session would be good, it would attack a different "problem" and, considering marketing guru Faith Popcorn's theory of Small Indulgences, would not feel like the Indulgence $$ it is--not make me feel pampered and centered afterwards. Not like the previous such session I'd taken from the very tall Gumbylady who'd quickly rose in the ranks at the studio, teaches a fine class I didn't get much chance to take, and has a well-developed sense of empathy--in addition to strongly being in touch with her emotional body.

It also had occurred to me that the Glee Club I so love in Queen Bee's class, forms of necessity as a response to her Leadership from On High -- as in, the students have to support each other emotionally big time, when they take her class ...

Well, I had been so taken aback, after the session ... that plus I wound up SOOOOO frustrated with the logistics of the next 2 hr yoga class I'd taken with the master teacher, later, that (and for good measure, the class was thankfully uncrowded) .... NO LIE ... this yogini threw a yoga block across the practice room ...

Okay, Gumbylady, who, for all intents and purposes teaches JUST like this guy, and even better than the Queen Bee (who's also the senior studio owner) does (but she stops short of pulling on body parts) ... she had heard about the problem I had in that last class. The Queen Bee told me that there WOULD be a REAL problem if I continued to disrespect the Yoga Instructor, whoever it happens to be at the time ...

I know all about Gratitude for the Guru, etc. But this is the year 2010, we are not in some ashram, and your studio charges an awful lot per credit hour ... and you shill and sell tutoring every chance you get ... in that way, you are worse than that upscale gym I'd told to go stick it ...

And, between you and me, do you think treating me like a stack of Lego® blocks for the benefit of teacher trainees in the class is respecting ME?

But Gumbylady was confident that in her class I would behave ... I had just taken her class yesterday .... and, GUESS WHAT? There was no problem ..... no problem at all.

I can't afford another private session, the private session should really have been with Gumbylady again. I really like Gumbylady's class.

This is a solution.

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    I agree with you, SvelteWarrior. Absolutely. This yoga studio just had some competition open up, right around the corner from them. The man who runs a social/cultural group I am eager to join, runs a yoga and wellness studio on the other side of the neighborhood from the studio I go to (which, by the way, I heard good word of mouth about, last winter). I purchased one more yoga DVD just now.

    I put my explanation on your homepage. And I'm going to friend you.
    2929 days ago
    Ok, so maybe I missed something or I am just dense(both are possible) but how did you disrespect the Yogi? The classes are supposed to be there for you to learn and get instruction in yoga, everyone has different levels of flexibility. As for the shakedown I am sure there are yoga classes in town and if not there are a ton of yoga dvds. Noone should have to get a shake down to get healthy.
    2929 days ago
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