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Friday, April 16, 2010

Well the weather is cooling and the flea problem has settled down for now. I am so grateful. The mouse problem is still here but I have now put out bait. Only problem with that is the smell of death and inability to find the little bodies UGH!! I was wrong about the kittens and cat under the house. Mother cat is pregnant again and two babies play in my yard. Yes of course I have to feed them SIGH! Wouldn't you? Mummy cat!

fluffy kitten!

stripy kitten!
So the cat that drowned was one I didn't know and the fleas appear to be all over the poor kittens and cat as they scratch and bite at themselves all the time. Poor things!
I'm such a sucker for animals LOL
Getting the house ready for sale is slow and tedious. To get the amount I need there is much to do. I miss my man so much but we talk nearly every day. As we have both had time changes it is more difficult though. With the pregnancy I can't stay up to all hours of the night. I bomb out not long after dark. Doh!
I have our bubs heartbeat now... emoticon
Which of course was sent straight to Daddy via msgr to go on his mobile. On Tuesday I have my ultrasound. I waited until the 20-21 week so we would see our baby's features more clearly and find out if its a boy or a girl. I can't wait! I have been feeling bub moving for quite a few weeks now which is comforting, though being comfortable in bed is another matter LOL. I have still not gained any weight and I am so grateful. Normally by now I would be getting the when are you due questions and the oh I thought you must be ready to drop... grrrr! So... so grateful not to have that again. I just look like I have a bit of a belly but thinner face.
My other news which I have had to wait to share is that a few weeks after I have my 4th child, my daughter Eve is due to have her 1st child. I will be a grandmother. It weighs heavily on both Patrik and I that I will not be here for her. It really sux! Its hard enough to help her just being 1 1/2 hours away from her. Trying to get the house stuff done. Trying to be careful with the pregnancy and not strain my body. Trying to help Eve as much as I can. Trying to be there for my eldest daughter Jess while she goes through her own struggles. Waiting for Jess and Eve to bond better so I know that they will support each other when I am not here. Having constant issues with my youngest daughter Faith. She is now nearly 6 and has the attitude problems of a teen. I feel so overwhelmed and strained quite often and just keep trying to move forward.
I often get asked when I am moving over to Sweden by friends. Its so hard because I do not have that answer. I will get there when I get there. That's all I can say. I try to not get depressed about it. I know that if I take a little longer and do things right then our future will be more secure. I need the money to fund my aquaponics in Sweden. Without it I worry on how we will struggle financially. So rush I must not. I am just setting my mind to be as healthy as possible and just keep doing what needs to be done. I know that it will all work out in the end because I have faith and hope! And the love of my soulmate! Striving forwards!!!!
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  • MINNA72
    Sorry I missed this blog post !
    Also sorry to hear that things aren't going as speedily as you might have wished. You are right of course, you'll get there when you get there.

    CUTE kittens! And YAY on hearing the heartbeat! Sometimes (only sometimes, though... LOL) I miss being pregnant.

    I hope things keep going well for you and the bub (not to mention your daughter!)!

    Big hugs!
    2919 days ago
    You have a great attitude about Sweden & everything with taking care of yourself and your kids, and your new one in your belly... You are doing it right. What is Aquaponics? Is that what you do for a living? Where is your hubby anyway? Is he in Sweden now? I am sorry it has been a while since I seen. The cat and kittens are adorable! We have one cat and one dog... they are both 1 yrs old. That is exciting and kinda scary about your daughter being preggo too huh? Well she can still come and visit you too you know??? You don't have to do all the driving.

    Can't wait till you find out if it will be a boy or girl! Don't forget to post that! So how far along are you now??? I must a few wks ahead of you? I will be 24 on Sat. but I just started to feel my little girl lately. You felt yours sooner.

    I hear you on the sleep thing.. LOL.. I got one of those LONG pillows.. They are soooo worth the $$$ I sleep with it every night and it helps the back sooooooo much. I will miss it the weekend we will be going to Florida. But I will just need extra pillows....Sometimes getting of bed I feel like a beached whale....LOL......but you said your not showing , so how come your not sleeping? I have gained weight for sure.. but you know what they say every pregnancy and every woman is different. Even if you have had 4 kids , all your pregnancy will be different.

    Take care! And try to fog your house for the fleas.. get sometone to help you. and good luck with the kittens. Take it easy!
    2926 days ago
    LOL Jetta! You are a gem! emoticon
    2932 days ago
    I love you my friend, I wish I was there to help you. You know that right???

    So let me squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze through my computer and out the wiring and whaaaaaaaa laaaaaaaa, I am right there in front of you lol

    Boy that would scare ya huh!!

    Glad you are taking care of you. Cute kittens, sorry she is pregnant again though.

    Lots of love, Jetta
    2932 days ago
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