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Friday Weigh in , BBQs & weigthloss pill question!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Here's another video blog. It's just so much funner cause I love love love to talk! LOL!
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  • DRAE0879
    I asked a question on here about fat burners and got reemed out! I'm still on the pills and I actually love them. The energy I get from them is amazing! So people like them, some don't. Do what you feel right for your body and do research. I love the Lipo 6 Black Hers from GNC. At first I was real jittery because I took the full dosage on the first few days, so I cut back to 2 in the am and 2 in the afternoon. Built myself up to full dosage and feel absolutely amazing now! They get me into the gym, thru a tough workout and curb my cravings like wwwwwwwoooooooohw. So congrats on your loss and keep it up! Super proud of you!!
    2924 days ago
    this was soooooooooooooo cool, being able to see and hear my amiguita chatting to her sure we are not related? You would so fit in. Everyone has chimed in about the let me just say that I am so proud of you hitting the 140s and that is such a wonderful milestone.


    i can't get over how great it was to put a voice to the face and the latinismos are perfect...look forward to hearing more from you! Ciao por un minuto solamente!
    2927 days ago
  • BANUELOS2148
    CHICA! you ARE 148!!Woo-Hoo! Don't be too hard on your hard-working body. Oh and the pills stuff - my sister took pills thru LA weight loss and she had to go to the hospital with heart palpitations so...and maybe you were allergic to them no? (the skin mancha and digestive stuff?). oh-oh ! almost forgot - on another blog or something I read that the belly fat is the ultimate last fat to go- I know ugh!so be patient. and, one last thing :) - those cachetes keep you looking young! (mira, las actresses get fat injections in their cheeks - so there you go!) And mi encantan tus videos!keep 'em coming!
    2928 days ago
    Please don't take the pills, I used them at one time and they got my heart beating so fast and It also kept we wide awake at night. There are no magic pills my friend, We all are here for you . I also hate the scale at times, one day it says one number and its a good number and the next day your back at a higher number! we just have to have patience and believe in ourselves. WE can do it! Have a great weekend My friend. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2929 days ago
  • SAGE150
    Don't use anything that gives you such bad side effects no matter how "natural" it is toted as. I, personally, take a multi-vitamin, flaxseed oil, and reservatrol on a daily basis, and occassionally when I feel like I could use an extra boost of energy or help with false hunger pains I use a "diet" supplement that contains a concentrated extract of acai and green tea that is supposed to curb your appetite and stimulate your metabolism. Both are natural, neither flip me out (and I am easily flipped out by medicines or supplements usually) because of over-stimulation, and I have never had any bad side effects. When you think about it, they are a concentrated dose of antioxidants and I don't think of it as a diet pill, I think of it as a supplement to my diet. My husband, whose nickname is Pataigallo (chicken legs) because he is so skinny, takes the supplement for its antioxidants, not because he needs to lose weight. I would strongly urge you not to take any manufactured pill which blocks fat (some critical nutrients are fat soluble), overstimulates your whole system, te mancha (me sorprendiste harto cuando dijiste eso y después dijiste que seguías tomando ese Herbal Life--nena, por favor, si algo te hace daño, déjalo totalmente), or that gives you any bad for you health-wise side effects. I imagine the reason why the Herbal Life worked for you was mostly due to YOU YOU YOU and the fact that you changed your approach to eating and increased your activity. YOU kept the weight off, not the Herbal Life. YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU, dear sweetheart. YOU! You are the most important. Be patient with yourself. The weight will come off if you remain faithful to your new and very reasonable plan. I highly recommend increasing your excercise as much as possible and staying within your range. I broke through a 4-5 month plateau and believe me, I know how frustrating "patience" can be. And yes, los asados siempre vienen. Hay que encontrar tu propia paz en eses tipos de situaciones y medir cada ocasión indivíduamente.

    Good luck, babe. Take good care of yourself. YOU and your family need you.
    emoticon emoticon
    2930 days ago
    Noooooooo no no no no pills!! I've used practically every pill in existence and have dieted myself up to this weight - now it's a matter of undoing the damage and trying it the old fashioned way.

    I've been reading a book: Eat your way to happiness (check it out at the library if you can)...and you'd be amazed at how certain food combinations or a good multi-vitamin can *really* boost weight-loss efforts (and mood!). The irony is that food can be the "cure" for losing weight. aiii...the universe has a sense of humor, no?

    I've also found "Fiber Choice for weight management" tablet/chews at the store...they have chromium and fiber which are both natural (and inexpensive)...AND they taste like starburst candies. woo hoo!

    Adelante!! Congrats on breaking the 150's - keep on keepin' on!


    P.S. ...and from one cachetona to another, don't diss the "cheekies" - it's what makes us special. jejeje
    2930 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/16/2010 4:29:07 PM
    I have tried different pills & with some success only to gain it back. I find that what I need & desire most is self discipline in my life over food. Today I went to McDonalds got me a hamburger, no fries & no shake. I had to keep telling myself "NO!" I wasn't hungry & I would be okay without it. I have high blood pressure so diet pills are a no no for me too.

    God bless & you are having fun with Video Blogging!

    2930 days ago
    Good morning! Yeah, my weight does that too up and down...and up :(

    I've tried a few pills before but found I'm REALLY sensitive to them, the speed up metabolism element makes me feel flipped out, paranoid. But sometimes I feel that way just with weight loss and no pills... I'm not against pills or slim fast or even diets where you follow a list of eat this WHEN you can maintain your weight without them. It sounds like your weight's fine normally, so if you want to use something to help get over the plateau, go ahead. :)
    2930 days ago
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