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What is stopping me?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Okay, my Spark friends, I need your help.

My excuses:

I haven’t found a substitute for mayonnaise yet. I’ve tried yogurt; I’ve tried mustard (are you kidding?) but NOTHING is like Best Foods mayonnaise.

The other thing is that I have to force myself to eat vegetables. I LOVE veggies. But I don’t crave them. What does it take? I crave healthy grains, fruits and protein. But a lot of veggies go bad in the fridge. I eat vegetables in some form every day…ALMOST every day. I think there are probably days that go by that I don’t eat one serving….that’s embarrassing to admit.

So I am trying to incorporate veggies into my breakfast at least. I’ve been adding them to my scrambled eggs (three whites, one yolk) in the morning. That seems to be helping; at least I am thinking about them more. Yesterday I bought veggies. I cut them up so they are ready for salads and for munching. When I do that, I lose weight. So what’s stopping me? NOTHING!!

Any ideas on the mayonnaise?

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    I too was a mayo fanatic..but when I read how really BAD it is for you I substituted mustard in most cases. True...if you don't like mustard you are in trouble. Try still is NOT mayo...but it's pretty good in a pinch. 1/4 to 1/2 c fat free sour cream, add to 1/4to 1/2 c fat free cottage cheese depending on what kind of consistency you like..add in 1/2t pureed chipotle peppers or powder a pinch of salt, a pinch of ground cumin, ancho or chili powder and some I said NOT mayo...but it's a pretty scrummy substitute. Also try the veggie alternative for mayo...Nayonaise...I haven't tried the substitutes...but have heard from some of my Sparkie friends that they are pretty good.

    As for veggies...I'm telling roasted butternut squash is like eating's on my blogs somewhere.

    Or just make yourself a nice green smoothie in the blender... pop an apple into it and your done for the day!

    My green lemonade is a sure fire energy booster...they say it's as good as you can get in the health department. Let me know if you want the recipe...I'll make sure you get it! Hugs and keep on working on your can and will learn to love them...roasted beets...THE BEST! I've got that recipe somewhere too...once you try'll be hooked! I'm just sayin'..... emoticon
    3690 days ago
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    One of the good things about low carb, I can have mayo! But I make my own (not that hard really) so there is no HFCS or something nasty in it.
    Hope you find a way that works for you, I LOVE mayo especially on my burgers! (bunless of course!)
    3698 days ago
  • MEGANC1988
    I just use the Best Foods Light Mayo and make sure to only use 1 tbps. I've found that the little amount helps me deal with my craving for it on my sandwiches but doesn't end up being higher in calories than my sandwich itself!

    As far as the veggies goes, I have a similar issue. I never crave veggies. Something that has helped me though is to try and have some kind of veggies with either at least 2 of my meals or as 2 of my snacks. I get the little baby carrot packs that are individually wrapped and bring those with me to work, or I pack a tupperware with broccoli and add a slice of cheese and melt it to add to my lunch. But I've started throwing veggies into most meals, if it doesn't already have them, I add them, cause I know I need them!
    3699 days ago
    keep the mayo, throw in another exercise or guilt , i must have my butter and mayo..on the veggies...cucumbers are crunchy for sandwiches and so are pickles...i'm with you..they are hard for me too..we are deprogramming remember? roasted veggies are the bomb! make a giant cookie tray on the weekend and munch for a couple days... pick your favorite veggies and only buy the favorites.. zo
    3699 days ago
    My daughter swears Veganaise (sold at Fry's up front near the soymilk...its a little pricey) tastes just like mayonnaise...she likes the real thing too. Mayonnaise makes me ill just to look at it, so I cannot give an opinion. I love bleu cheese dressing silly is that?! lol As for the veggies, I agree with Visuallyrics...chop and roast...heavenly. My favorite is zucchini and yellow squash. There's just something about the flavor roasting imparts...I also saute them in a little olive oil and its a good way to get a serving or two of veggies and some healthy fat to boot. If all else fails, as long as you are getting plenty fruits and they are low on the glycemic index, I think you are doing well for yourself! :o)
    3699 days ago
    Sorry I as well prefer Mustard to Mayo good luck. I never liked the vinegar smell of Mayo.
    3699 days ago
    I don't like mayo. I use mustard on almost everything or a little vinaigrette.

    I love veggies. I eat a salad with lots of raw veggies for lunch every day. And then have more veggies for supper.
    3699 days ago
    I would suggest that you try to be creative with veggies....perhaps? I LOVE veggies, so I cannot relate, but here are some suggestions......

    I add 1 cup of fresh baby spinach to a wrap with protein, feta, and red bell peppers, and onion.....fresh spinach just slips in a crunchy texture....truly does not change the taste too much. I LOVE salads.....loaded with everything. I am not a mayo fan, I like yogurt more! I do use mayo occassionally when I make tuna salad. I love to just barely steam veggies, like brocolli, and snap beans....add a little garlic and olive oil and I'm a gonner! LOL!

    I roast veggies, and they are scrumptious! Use aluminum foil, covering the thickly sliced peppers, potato, squash, zuchinni....etc and roast at 400 degrees. I pour a mixture of olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, and salt over top of thse veggies....YUM!
    3699 days ago
    I'm not a big mayo fan and use mustard on things like ham or turkey instead. But if you love mayo then have it, just measure it, and watch how many times a week you have it.
    As far as the veggies, make sauce and puree the veggies and throw them in. I know a few mothers that do that to sneak them in on their children.

    3699 days ago
    on my sandwich i like mustard salsa or horse radish.there is a cranberry honey mustard that is great. try to drink you vegetables or eat soup . v8 is great. you are doing good only have to fine tune things. emoticon
    3699 days ago
    I agree with Karvy09 keep using mayo, just use less often and use less when you do use it. I love mayo and butter and for me there is no substitute and if I deny myself as in I will no longer ever eat these things I rebel. You need fats in your diet and eating healthy fats in moderation is a good thing. You don't have to be perfect. On the veggie front, do you like V-8 juice? I love the low sodium V-8 and I add tobasco or hot sauce, and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, kind of like a virgin bloody mary and an 8 oz. glass will give you three servings of veggies. I have it with my breakfast almost every am and it doesn't taste horrible, it's actually quite tasty.
    3699 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/15/2010 5:28:04 PM
    Hi Claudia,

    I second the other suggestions posted already. How about gradually cutting down on the mayonnaise you use? Instead of cutting it out cold turkey. Maybe mix 3/4 mayo with 1/4 yogurt or something like that.

    Have you tried Miracle Whip Salad dressing? It sort of tastes like mayonnaise.

    As for the veggie thing, how about continuing to 'sneak' them into foods you are already eating. Do you like salads? How about putting some lettuce or other veggies on your sandwich?
    Or, drinking v8 juice? I know v8 is high in sodium (and the low-sodium version tastes horrible), but it's a thought.

    Or, if all else fails, how about bribing yourself? Telling yourself if you eat 1 extra serving of veggies a day, you'll buy yourself a new workout outfit, or you'll do an extra zumba class.

    Good luck!


    3700 days ago
  • CATLADY_56
    I wish I could help on the mayo thing. That has been a bugaboo for me, but I like the tart taste of miracle whip better than the oily taste of real mayo. I grew up eating vinegar on salmon and malt vinegar on other fish, so I figured since I crave the tart I should move that way. I have been using Good Seasons Italian dressing made with half the oil (and I use olive oil). I use this in the seasoned tuna and really like it. I also use it with mustard and a very small amount of reduced fat mayo in egg salad. But as far as real mayo taste I don't know a good substitute. I guess like grandmasam said you just have to wean yourself from it.
    3700 days ago
    Many of the summer salads I love (to the point of willpower issues once I take that first taste!) use mayo. And over the past years I intentionally and then by habit and choice cut down on all mayo-laden favorites of years past. A slow process, but I find that after focus on avoiding the mayo items I began to prefer others.

    In the beginning I followed one bit of advice read somewhere: I added mustard to things like potato salad, and also started having macaroni salads full of veggies and with a base of olive oil and flavored vinegars instead of mayo (I don't use tuna in it anymore, but will often add leftover chicken).

    SMALL changes add up. If you can have a LITTLE mayo, just have what you like and plan it into your menu. But if you're like me and reach for the larger spoon then consider making replacements and just occasionally indulging. Hmm hope that helped...?
    3700 days ago
  • KARVY09
    I love mayo. I hate fake mayo or reduced fat mayo. I don't eat it as much and I half the serving size. That's the way to go I think if you really enjoy it.

    I think precutting the veggies and adding them to things like omelets is a good idea to start. I like those microwaveable bags of Steamfresh veggies too. Good side dishes.
    3700 days ago
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