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Saturday, November 11, 2006

You'll hear me speak about my Husband alot in here.As a few of you know He is Terminally ill. We recieved his diagnosis about a year and a half,feels like two, ago and as much as he rises to the occasion each day with as much grace as I have ever seen In any Human Being,I know its getting increasingly difficult for him to maintain his old schedule and lifestyle,I have what I call a true Partner in Life,I have been blessed by God to have 26 years of solid marriage with some one whom has deeply loved me,no matter what I looked like or what I did,oh he'd get angry sure enough at times but he had this quiet reserve ,calming waters of love he'd wrap me in.My Husband was born and raised in the Foothills or country parts of California,his family were loggers mostly,his Grandpa who lived on the ajoining ranch came over from England so all his Family are 1st generation immigrants from Great Britain,Wales or scotland,maybe thats where this quiet man gets his stamina I just never question why I am so Lucky to have him one more day.I doubt there will ever be another one like him and of that I am sure.My husband served in Viet Nam for 8 months while there he recieved two purple hearts,a silver star,and a bronze star with a V device,but he also watched many men die and was exposed to the chemicals that seared his lungs and filled his body with poisons,he carries Shrapnel in his intestines and his Bladder was severed,rebuilt but severed badly,he re-couped and never asked for any Government money as a result of his wounds just came home ,went to work as if nothing ever happened.Yesterday I watched with pride as a small group of his fellow military buddies came to pick him up and take him out to observe the Veterans day Holiday,I watched the pride cross his face at not being forgotten and thats when I also felt my heart well up with Pride in Him,for Him and each passing face of the Veterans who came to get him for A Mens Only Dinner yesterday. My husband never understood me when I used to speak about the Holy Ghost,or the Holy Spirit but my Husband saved so many lives so many years ago in the physical sence of Save and they never seem to forget.I often ask God that when He does come to get my Husband,help me to be as strong as my David is,my beloved Husband and if it be His will take him as he sleeps with little pain. I also didn't understand what WarTime did to Men,my Husband has given me a bit of what he experienced,just Like I tried to share the Holy Ghost,there are areas neither of us can touch in each other and I must hand David over each day for this reason to God.Maybe I am never going to understand everything about my Husband or My God but today I am willing to Let Go completely each morning to many areas of life I don't understand and just continue to Love them right where they are at and Let God Do the Work of God,I can't and I never really could.So when you know of some one whom has served or is serving this Country,no matter what your Politics are "Thank Them" Welcome them Home" Make it a mission to do. You might be surprised by thier reactions..God Bless you all and "No I don't always talk about food or charts,or tracking all the time'hahhaa Hugs my Beloved Human Beings hold your Husbands,families close never forget to say "I LOVE YOU" to anyone you adore, Good Night MY Friends and Sisters,linda kay
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    Greetings and salutations to you Linda Kay!

    You give me such hope. I'm at 304.5, and was feeling like I'd always be buried under these rolls of fat. My first thought is that you must be a very special, strong, and blessed person to be able to do what you have done. I've been looking at the worst of it... 305 pounds! Instead of a pound at a time. I should be rejoicing that I lost a half a pound today! I'm a member of Overeaters Anonymous (O.A.) and I should know better. They teach us to take life one day at a time.

    How is your husband doing? It sounds like he is your best friend. He has been there for you through the worst of it. I hope he isn't very ill. I will light a candle for him tonight when I go to bed.

    I'm sorry that the horse group/team treated you with such lack of courtesy. I would have thought that the team leader would have welcomed you, at the very least. Maybe she or he has been away from the site with either computer or health problems.

    I used to raise baby cockatiels. I would pull them from their parents when they were about 7 to 9 days old and handfeed them. Sometimes I would have to take a baby that was only a day or two old, because the parents had too many and the youngest one wasn't getting anything to eat. I loved my little ones so much. I fed them every two hours, the very small ones, or whenever their crops were empty. As they get older, you feed them less and less, and then introduce them to pellets and water. My favorite times were getting to play with them and teaching them to fly. I can't do that any longer, because of my health. I found my breeding birds good homes, where I knew that they would be treated like pets, as well as breeders. Because that is how I treated them. They had their own room where I let them out of their cages and played with them and gave each one personal attention. In the evening they would be put back into their cages, so they wouldn't get hurt in the dark. I miss them... I still have two cockatiels, Thatcher and Beaker(Mozambique) Beaker was my mother's bird. I raised him from a baby and gave him to her. She loved him dearly. I have a crimson rosella, whom I got from a friend, years ago, when his owner had to move and couldn't take him with. I have a sun conure and a jenday conure. I am trying to find a home for the two conures as they would like to breed. I just haven't found the right home for them, yet.

    I have four cats, Benny, Beau, Lucy and Vivian. Lucy is the light of my life, and Vivan runs a close second. The two boys are my husbands darlings.

    I lost over 40 pounds last year. My 83 year old mother's health declined and she was put in a nursing facility. Steve and I traveled from Wisconsin to Minnesota three times a week to see her and make sure she was properly being cared for. Her health finally failed and she succumbed to pneumonia and kidney failure. She died in January. I had my older sister to deal with. She was so dependant on my mother, she just didn't know what to do. And we had all of mom's things to distribute and figure out what to do with. The middle sister was a pain in the patootie... all she cared about was money and if there were any insurance policies. By the end of it, I could have strangled her. Anyway, I put the weight back on, but I'm glad I got to spend the time with mom.

    The Dr. had me on a bata blocker, but it isn't working. I have tacycardia(sp?) and she doesn't feel like she can do any more for me, so she is sending me to a Cardiologist(sp?) I have an appointment on November 28th. I just have to settle down and wait. I don't know what will happen next. It is hard not to be afraid, but I'm working on it. My husband is my best friend and I have him with me every step of the way... Now, if I can just get him to stop bringing me "treat" foods to make me feel better. I guess it is time that I had another talk with him about my goals.

    Thank you for your note, the other day. You made me feel better.

    (((Hugs))) Mystral (Cat)
    5068 days ago
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    Tears of thanks to your husband and others like him for what they have done for this country.

    May your husband now the peace and understanding of the Lord who loves him so much and is so proud of what he has accomplished here in this life.

    May you have the strength to stand behind this wonderful man you love in the days coming - God bless you.

    5070 days ago
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