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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm am sooo upset!!! I have been riding my bike outside everyday for an hour since Saturday. I have been tracking my points and would you believe that I gained 1.4 lbs!!!! I'm tooo upset for words!!! I have been pigging out every since my weigh in. Of course, I have put the bike up!!! I am ready to sell it!!!! I was really hoping that I could have the bike as my main cardio for the summer!!! It's look like in order for me to lose weight, I have to go to the gym and track points!!!! This is getting soooo old!!!! I apologize for not being very positive, but, I'm truly not having a good day!!!
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    I understand your frustration. I have been only working on this for a week (tracking my calories and exercising) but I have been exercising for about 2 weeks, and the scale shows that I've gained a half pound. I tell myself it is muscle and then I remind myself to track other signs of fitness, instead of just weight loss. My blood pressure has been lower lately, and that's a good thing. Keep up your hard work--it will pay off in the long run.
    3259 days ago
  • 26M8J7
    I am so glad that you are able to vent because we have all been there. The challenging part is getting back up again but trust me you can. You have had your time of beating up on yourself, now its time to get going again. It is true that you might be retaining fluid or building muscles but in either case the bike riding benefits you in so many ways. We all learn to ignore the scales and pay attention to how your clothes start falling off and your energy increases. Take it from one who has a great deal more weight to loose. I haven't weighted in quite a while but my clothes tell me that I am loosing.
    We didn't put this weight on overnight and it will not come off overnight but just be consistent in your program and take it slow, one peddle at a time. Everyone that I read about who have lost a great deal of weight say the same thing; those who lost slowly are keeping it off.
    We are all here for you so vent when you need to. emoticon
    3260 days ago
  • no profile photo SWIMLOVER
    Please don't go by the scale! Sometimes when we first exercise or have not in a while, we retain muscle fat. Continue riding your bike. You are an inspiration. I think riding your bike for an hour daily is great exercise. Please don't give that up!
    Yes, do make sure you are getting plenty of sleep. Also, please make sure you are drinking plenty of water. I agree that how your clothes feel on you are better than going by the scale. Please don't give up! I think you are doing GREAT!
    3260 days ago
    One other thought, try using some other measurements of success rather than just weight loss...check your measurements, energy level and how your clothes hang instead of just relying on what the scale says.
    3260 days ago
    I agree, I think you are retaining from the exercise but you could also be a little hormonal...or maybe if you took some medication, you may be retaining from that. Try to focus on how good you feel riding your bike. You've inspired me to dust off my bike (I haven't ridden it in years...I was mapping out a walk and found I could ride my bike and burn off some good calories by doing that!) I am just starting back up - and exercise is an area of improvement for me. All my best to you!!
    3260 days ago
  • KIMH239
    Don't give up. Keep at it. The weight will come off. Make sure you are getting plenty of water and sleep! Not kidding on the sleep thing. Keep prepackaged foods to a minimum....they contain lots of yucky stuff that mess with your hormones which in turn works against your metabolism. Stay the will get day at a time!! emoticon
    3260 days ago
    FUNNYGRANNY71 is right i'm sure your just building muscle & it does weigh more then fat. keep at it and I'm sure you'll see things change.
    Also measure and go from that. Inches are great to lose. Our weight can fluctuate from day to day even by ounces. So hang in there you can do it! Give what your doing about 21 days I bet you see BIG results then:)
    3260 days ago
  • FOST40
    Thanks for the support!!!!
    3260 days ago
    If you have only been riding your bike since saturday, you may need to give it a bit more time.
    Also what were you eating last week? Sometimes it takes a few days for a spell of over indulgence to show up on the scale.

    Don;t give up your goal of using your bike as your main exercise.

    Give it time and see what happens. emoticon
    3260 days ago
  • no profile photo ZOOLOVER
    Hang in there. emoticon

    Your muscles might be holding onto some water. Are your legs sore? Did you stretch after riding your bike each day? The bike is a great way to get your cardio in, don't sell it. Give your body a few weeks to get adjust to it.

    By the way muscle doesn't weight more than fat. A pound is a pound, no matter what it item is. 1 pound of fat takes up more space than 1 pound of muscle.
    3260 days ago
    Oh don't binge!
    I understand your frustration! Sometimes things move VERY slowly! I'm a perfect example of that. But you need to dig deep inside and pull out that patience and know that you are worth the work it will take to change. The body changes slowly. It's not always in the scale number. I hate the scale....honestly, they should be banned.
    Have you been taking your measurements weekly? That's where I saw the most change in the first 4-6 weeks. Even when the scale refused to move, the inches were changing. I gained mass around my calves as I built up muscle on the bike/treadmill and shrunk other places. So, measure if you haven't already.
    The scale will go up and down and you have to accept that. Your body has all sorts of changes going on that you can't see.
    I know it's hard, but hang in there! You are SO worth it!
    emoticon emoticon
    3260 days ago
    Aw that really blows, I'm just starting out with my weight loss, and was considering using my bike for weight loss too, maybe you just gained muscle in your legs? I know it weighs more then fat.... have you done your measurements... again this is a comment from a total newbie, hang in there... :) emoticon
    3260 days ago
    I can certainly sympathize with you. But, if you have been doing all that biking, you my be getting more muscle and muscle weighs more than fat. If that is the case, it will all come together if you are patient. I have been on the longest plateau in my life. But I just read where someone says they started losing weight again when they started eating a little more. I think I will try that. Best wishes.
    3260 days ago
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