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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Just need to vent for a moment and then I think I will be better. I know I did this in my last blog but again...she stood me up....came up with an excuse and thinks it is ok. What gives? How do I help get her motivated to see she really needs to make time for herself and make it a habit no matter what comes up in life. I think I am better now but if anyone has a suggestion for my 'funk' my gym friend has put me in because her life is 'funky' please help. I joined the gym closer to her house and now it is just not worth it when I could go to the gym by work or MUCH closer to my house since I am going by myself anyway. And BTW how do I tell her in a nice way?
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    Gosh I wish I had an answer for you. The only thing I can say - is not to let her "funky" life get the best of you. Keep after her and keep showing her how fun and beneficial it can be. When we sees you looking awesome - maybe she'll be reminded of why she wanted to do this in the first place. Keep focused and keep at it! I'll show her with your actions soon enough!
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    It sounds like you wanted a motivator. Instead you are getting a de-motivator. Also 20 miles probably is not enough to switch it to your location it has to be 30. I would say you have to look at her track record (excuse the pun). Is she the type that goes frequently to the gym before you agreed to go together? If NOT then you may need to just cut your losses. You cannot change her. You can try not to drive her away if you are trying to be nice by just going without her and raving on how much it helped to go and how great you feel after. She probably just really does have a lot of conflicting problems just now. Let her know she must MUST make time for herself and that is what this is. Yes. She is letting you down too but she probably has too much on her plate and the only way to help is a soft sell and going without her. MEET NEW PEOPLE THERE WITHOUT HER. Sometimes... fate is at work when we least expect it. You only have so many months you are obligated ...or just figure up the true cost gas, time, etc., and pay the cancellation fee sweet talk the manager, and rejoin elsewhere if she does not come around. Hope this inspires! FYI: I am a size 22 right now and can't get anyone to go to the gym with me either. Mine is open 24 hours and I am getting the nerve up, as I was in a serious car wreck 4 years ago and I am afraid to come "out of the rubble" on my own--every discovery of what I can no longer do is shocking; but I should be thankful it was not worse. I operate on the ignorance can be bliss model. So you can encourage me and hopefully I and others like me here will listen. LOL. emoticon
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    I don't have anyone doing this with me. But if I was you, I would politely talk to her about it. Let her know you feel. If she's not serious about the gym, I wouldn't bother. Don't let her drag you down because of her lack of motivation. You have to work your bum off to find your own inner motivation and that's the only kind that will fuel action. If she can't find it, then she's in that state where she doesn't care. You can't change that no matter how much you want. If she wants to be lazy and then whine about her weight, size, whatever - why is she whining? To find a listening ear? Is it just to find something in common with you? Or does she really care? Talk to her like you would anyone. If you have a hard time with words, write it out and give her a call.. stick to your notes during the conversation to progress in the matter - not get side tracked and lose your fortitude. That helps me sometimes (and no one knows differently!) HTH!
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