Wednesday, April 14, 2010

When asked about the three most important words in our language, most people answer "I love you". And those words ARE important, often not said enough, especially face to face, looking someone in the eye.

Words I like even more are "Let me help". It seems to me these words are an expression of the first three words, in ACTION. Offering to help someone, actually lending a helping hand in whatever way, is so rewarding, on both sides.

I can add another set of three, that I try to say often, "I thank you". A good phrase to begin the day, directed at whatever Higher Power you choose. A good phrase to share with others throughout the day, too. If you stay aware of it, you'll find many more times to say it during the course of a day.

It seems to me that three words like these, whichever phrase you choose, can take the strangeness out of strangers, form a connection between human beings, and fill the heart with goodness, or grace, whatever you choose to call it.

You know it when you feel it.

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