Tuesday, April 13, 2010

i look in the mirror and you no what i see?
i see a girl with potential
but many fallen dreams
i look harder and you no what i see?
a girl with celulite thats big as can be

maybe he'll like you if you lose some weight
maybe he will tell you your beautiful
if only you never ate
maybe he'll say your a dolphin & not a whale
but as soon as he sees me step on that scale..

they wont take you for you
because your a size 18
so i sit there and lay there
with no self esteem
soceity took that from me
but what can i do
ill never be pretty and skinny like you

all the words have sunk in my head
when a guy finally likes me
i let it sink in
a hotter girl will come along
thats better then you
so you put up a wall
so they cant come through

maybe if you wernt so fat ppl would like you more
my body is so big and my heart is so sore
you could see the prettiness in your face
if only you lost some weight
why cant i be pretty the way i am now
with my body being big tall and round

your face is beautiful audrey
thats all they say
why cant you say YOUR beautiful
without just sayin my face

i want to be loved for me
and one day i hope i will
ill let that one guy in
and fu** the world

as for the people who put me down and have no class
i have ONE thing to say to you
KISS MY FAT A**!!!!!!!!
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