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Ahhh....the frustration!!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

K, so I'm very frustrated and holding alot of anger and am now realizing it's contributing to my eating lately.

I just recently got married and me and my husband moved into a house we're renting. We love the house and thought it would be great as we know the owner from our church. We felt we'd have a much better relationship with him then if we rented from a stranger.

Well, let me tell not working out. He has complained about absolutely every single thing we do. He decided to rent out the top of the house to us while he fixes up the basement into an apartment.

He clearly did not know the extent of what a basement renovation was and didn't bother to put in sound proofing. Consequently, he hears absolutely everything. Right down to when someone goes to washroom.

He's managed to tell me all about my husband's snoring, that one of us has a sleep disorder because we're up every hour in the middle of the night, that my husband needs to wear sleepers in the house, how to do my laundry, I'm not allowed to cook anything with curry because he can't handle the smell, ......etc, etc, etc, etc.

He always talks to me, never to my husband which upsets Pat greatly. We had another couple over for dinner recently and he (landlord) called us at 11:15pm to tell us we we're making to much noise (we were talking and laughing). He's made references to what he hears in our bedroom which consequently has now limited that! And recently told my husband that he can't have his spray paint tank in the house cause it wasn't covered by insurance, then told him it had to go because it was unsecured and could fall over and damage the floors. He freaked out on the phone over the first hydro bill he got saying we're using to much and need to find ways to limit our consumption. (We pay our share of the hydro bill even though we were supposed to rent the house as an "all inclusive").
He also got very upset that I eventually put things on the wall (he didn't want me to put holes in the walls). In the lease he was very clear to put in it that if we hang stuff on the walls we have to repair and paint the walls before we leave. I figured if I have to do that if I put 1 hole in the wall, I might as well put up what I want.

I'm having a "Tea Party" for a bunch of lady friends on Friday and have had headaches everyday now for the last 3 days. I'm now understanding that it's over the up coming complaints I'll undoubtedly hear from our landlord about it and all the stress the last couple of months has given me.

We know we're going to have to move but we signed a lease for a year which is up January 1st 2011. We just moved in at the beginning of the year.
I don't think our landlord is a bad guy...I just think he's very unrealistic. I don't believe he planned his renovation properly and has very different ideas of what tenants should be able to do.

Everytime we talk to him he comes across as such a nice guy and that we're the one's being unreasonable. I know we're not but it's hard to tell when you're in the middle of it.

Ahhhh........I'm so stressed. Food just becomes a solace....something that doesn't complain to me, stress me out (at the time), make me feel like I've somehow done something horrible to someone, and doesn't limit my daily living habits.

And now I've burnt the rice for the cabbage rolls.......

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    oh bless your heart! i feel for you. wish i had some advice but i don't. but i can pray that it get better for you. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2928 days ago
    Oh man, that sounds terrible. My sister had a landlord from hell at one point and it was driving her absolutely bonkers! When she finally did manage to move out (six month lease) and get another place she was much, much happier.

    Food is always going to be something that we turn to for comfort when things are going a little more difficult than we would like - and that's okay! I have a sweet tooth and I love chocolate and chips and cake and... well, you get the picture. However, what I always try to remember (or at least have been trying to remember over the past two weeks or so) is that as much as I enjoy all of that bad stuff, I equally enjoy strawberries and melons and bananas and grapes - and these things are HEALTHY for me as opposed to detrimental.

    It's food for thought (pun intended!)

    If you absolutely feel like you could go for some junk food, I would recommend getting an ice cream cone from McDonalds. It's frozen yogurt, not ice cream, and it's surprisingly low in fat. Now that it's getting warmer, too, it's something that you can enjoy while you go for a walk in the evening to calm down.

    Speaking of which, why don't you and your husband go for walks together to get out of the house and away from all of the insanity?
    2928 days ago
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