Open mic April 9th- adults only please-

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

***** I do open mic's now and then... I call it poetry or rants or whatever.... they often include singing. I really liked this one, it felt right to share it with you guys!***************

Do you see me?
Standing here before you
Strutting my stuff
See me?
Do you?
I am here
Loud and proud
Fat and twisted by pain
Bright & gold
Do you see me?

I refuse to hide
Refuse to wear my age
My size
My sexuality
In a burkah
A dark veil
To hide
To hide in shame

Screw that!

Fck your delicate sensibilities

Your need
For youth
For perfection

Do you see me?
As I am.

I am beautiful
I am whole
I am amazing
I am loved
I am
A Star in the Universe

(This part said while gazing into their eyes, going directly to people)

You are beautiful
You are whole
You are amazing
You are loved
You are
A Star in the Universe.

Those who make their money off your pain
Those who win by your suffering.

Of comparisons
Of striving
Of the need for approval

Be yourself
Then there is no competition

Feel your own edges
So that you may reach beyond them

I will see you

We all become bonsai over time

Relish yourself
Clipped and bent and twisted
By that master gardener time

I see you

Tree from the Bonzai Master site

(I ended by singing that wonderful song, hoping it would stick in a few peoples heads...)

'Now I walk in beauty
Beauty is before you
Beauty is behind you
Above and below you
Around and within you"

Repeat as necessary.

******FYI- my BAH is sort of like a deep retch. Someday, I would love to get a video of this perfomance piece. It was way powerful. ********
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