diet OR exercise? one or the other?

Monday, April 12, 2010

So recently I had a convo with the boy whom I don't allow to call me his "girlfriend."

We were discussing weight, diet and exercise. Naturally.

In said discussion, he claimed that he's great with the exercising part, but not so great with the food part. He was a high school and college athlete (lacrosse) and knows all about strength training, cardio, etc. etc. He has no issue to get up and go for a run or hike. No (exercise) "motivation" problems. He does, however, have an issue with food. He goes to work early, eats a midmorning snack and is starving by 5. So, he ends up eating huge portions at night and repeating the cycle come morning.

On the other hand, I feel totally confident about the food part, but not so much with the exercising. I have Tiny Tim syndrome. I've been in and out of the hospital since I was a kid for various reasons. I had 16 hour neck surgery at 8 years old that totally changed my life. I was in some sort of a brace (halo, hard collar, soft collar) for 2 years after that. These were years of total immobility for me. I was barely allowed to walk across the street, much less exercise. Once the braces came off, the caution didn't subside. Now, I feel like I'm overly cautious. Mostly, I'm afraid I'm going to break in half. Not to mention, I just don't like doing it. It hurts! (Yes, I know it's supposed to hurt. You're missing the point. No lectures, k? k. Thanks.) On the other hand, I am totally OCD about how many calories I put into my body. I log everything. I know about portion sizes, good fats, carbs, protein, supplements, you name it.

Keeping this in mind, I then looked through some blogs and member pages and saw a similar pattern. Some people are so amazing with up keeping with their C25K programs, training, going to the gym, etc. Then I look at their food logs and they're not that great. Starbucks, processed foods, etc. Then others seem to blog about needing motivation for exercise, but they're doing great with what they're eating.

So, I know I can hop on an elliptical, just as much as the boy knows he should eat 3 meals and a snack or two a day. I'm not asking for suggestions. It's more of me asking whether you feel like it's one or the other? Are you totally ok with exercise and need help with food? Do you think your meals are perfectly planned out and need help getting off the couch?

I realize as soon as I find a balance between my OCD food logging and 'love' for exercise, I will break the code. And bravo for those of you who have achieved this chupacabra of an equilibrium. I'm just wondering where those of us who haven't fit in.
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  • no profile photo CD6495554
    for me, it is definitely one or the other, and i CONSTANTLY struggle with eating. i have been great at motivating to go to the gym, finishing C25K, starting 1/2 marathon training, and pretty consistently working out almost every day.

    but food is a problem. i LOVE food. i can't look at it as "fuel for my body." it is so good! i love to eat, and when i am exercising i find that i am ravenous all the time, so i just shove my face with whatever delicious thing i can find. i will call my boyfriend in the morning to talk about what we are going to have for dinner that night, because i think about that stuff all day long. ugh.

    i really have to work at the food thing all the time. the only way it works for me is to track everything i am going to eat at the beginning of each day, and try not to deviate from my plan. it depresses me even to type this. i am hoping that religious tracking will lead to some weightloss, and soon!

    love your blogs! emoticon
    3603 days ago
    Maybe, if you do both, he will get the idea when he sees the changes in you. Actions always speak louder than words. Show him how it's done when you balance it out. You can do this.
    3603 days ago
    Yes, this is a big issue, getting the balance right between eating and exercising. The thing I have learned most recently is that everything thing is done to getting the balance right. emoticon
    3603 days ago
  • CARE425
    Maybe we have a tendency one way or the other based on environment... seems like you're well on your way to that balance, though! that's awesome!
    3603 days ago
    I'm not one or the other however, the more I exercise, the more I crave healthier foods. I am more like your "non-boyfriend" (my current boyfriend's nickname for the first year of us being together LOL). I was athletic but not healthy. I liked exercising moderately but I was HORRIBLE with eating. Currently my work is INSANE and so I am being great with the eating, not so great with the exercising. I think each person needs to find a balance that they want to live with. I see it as a change in lifestyle and I know that I can never go back to how I was eating before *sigh* but that's ok cause I am WAY healthier now.

    3603 days ago
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