Maybe my Bodyfat Monitor isn't wrong?

Monday, April 12, 2010

I have the hand held Omron body fat monitor. I got it when I was eating super clean and doing more exercise. I took the number with a grain of salt as I had always had my BF done at the gym by the same trainer with calipers. Since I haven't had a membership for years, I bought this last year to get an idea, after gaining all the weight while pregnant and losing it. I read all the reviews and understood this is just an estimate.

WELL, since my hospitalization and my weight going down and now up and not exercising the way I was it's reading 23% OMG. I was 19.3 - 18% before this. Oh boy, wake up call. Scale isn't the only thing that changed. Even if the BF% numbers aren't super accurate, they are UP. My weight is about 3 - 4 pounds up from the 18% BF days. Okay calm down I can get this under control, can't I???? Oh great control, the one thing I need to ease up on, lol.

Has anyone had their BF done with calipers and then used a handheld? Just curious.

Well off to do errands which include the gardening center to start Anthony's first Vegetable garden!

Made my veggies for a couple of my protein side dishes.
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    i really like my tanita ironman innerscan scale bc it has 2 settings, "regular" and "athlete" so you can get a better reading as a fit female person. it uses Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology. i am not sure the hand held ones do that...
    3794 days ago
  • AJB6886
    Hmmm...interesting blog. I use the same bodyfat monitor and I'm %19.3 which everyone seems to think is too high. You can look at my most current pics and see what you think. It is depressing because I want low bodyfat (superlow because I'm training for a comp.) and this stupid monitor...............well, here take this for example...if I plug into that thing that I'm an 18 year old boy my BF is %11. Just be an 18 year old boy and all will be good emoticon
    I think you look awesome!
    3802 days ago
    i love colorful plates like that!
    3812 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3375540
    My Omron use to seem pretty accurate but lately my bf doesn't move yet the inches are coming off. I started using 3 site caliper testing on myself (you can buy the accumeasure for pretty cheap). There was almost 3% difference. I also use the Navy Test which is done by measurements. It isn't the most accurate but will definately tell you if you are going up and down.
    3814 days ago
    Those veggies look delicious.
    3815 days ago
    I've wondered the same thing! My BF% scale says I'm almost 30% fat! I'm pretty lean so I am not sure if that can even be right! I am going to try to get my BF% measured soon!
    3815 days ago
    As you mentioned, the handheld devices are not terribly accurate. They use bioelectrical impedance, which is basically the amount of time it takes for a weak electrical current to travel through your body. Water is a much better conductor than fat, so measuring the speed of this current can give an estimate of body composition.

    The problem is that anything that increases, depletes or shifts body water will impact the test. For example, dehydration (even that experienced overnight), recent upper body training, etc. can INCREASE your bodyfat percentage as measured by this device.

    So yes, it may be off. But also remember that for a 130lb person, going from 19% to 23% involves gaining 5 lbs of fat and losing 5 lbs of lean tissue...something that easily can occur as a result of a training layoff and lax diet. Fortunately, there is muscle memory, so you can get BACK into shape easier than you can get in shape!

    By looking at your pics I would guess 23% is a little high, but there is no way to know for sure. My suggestion: Just do what you need to do to be healthy and fit and the rest will take care of itself in time.

    Keep up the good work. You're setting a great example for your son!

    3815 days ago
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