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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hi my name is Cheridene and I am ADDICTED to unhealthy food.

I came out of my denial yesterday and realized that i am addicted to unhealthy food.This realization came about when i got home yesterday from the shops and realized that i had just used the last of my money for unhealthy food and then i proceeded to eat 6 chocolate mousse buns,1x2 l cola and R30 worth of boerewors in 2 hours.What makes it worse is that i have a kitchen full of healthy and fresh food.

I realized that i was on a high of sorts! i felt sick and so tired. So i passed out at 6pm and woke up this morning at 5am. I truly realized what i had done.

I have been addicted to unhealthy food since i was child.I was taught that if i did good things i would be rewarded with sweets and unhealthy treats. I was also taught to finish all my food on my plate to get dessert.I have carried that with me all my life.In my teen years i realized that junk food was a way to reward myself or to use to suppress or take away any bad emotions i was feeling.Now in my early adult years i am using unhealthy food as a companion and to combat boredom.

I have searched my mind as to why i don't want to eat healthy and i realized that i am using unhealthy food as a escape and to numb emotions.

I know i am addicted because as soon as i wake up i am thinking about eating unhealthy.I was doing well for awhile by having smoothies for breakfast and salads for lunch,but as soon as it came time to think about supper i would be buying these unhealthy foods.

I don't want to be addicted to anything that can harm me!! I want to have a healthy eating lifestyle and a healthy life.

So i will be treating my unhealthy food addiction as per any addict would treat an alcohol , cocaine or gambling addiction. I am going to find steps in dealing with my issues and develop coping and new eating lifestyle. This addiction is a psychological one and a physical one . I am going to find a group on the internet as East London does not have place that deals with food addiction and i know that Sanca is full enough.

I am not going to let this addiction rule my life anymore.
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    It is good that you have come to grips with your addiction. I know what you mean about eating for emotions sake.. In the states there is an organization called Food Addicts Anonymous. I think it is an international organization. You might want to contact them and see if they have a support meeting in your area or you might be able to start one. Be encouraged, you are not alone.
    4043 days ago
    It's hard but we can never stop trying everyday is a new day we just keep moving forward
    4043 days ago
    I know what you are going through and how tough it is to battle this addition.

    Sounds like you have a solid plan and strong desire to change things for the better.

    You can do it. Just don't get discouraged and quit if you have a little backslide. Hang in there and keep at it.

    Good Luck!
    4043 days ago
    I have the same problem. It is hard, but we can do it.
    4043 days ago
    WOW you just might have to get tough with yourself and put yourself on a fast for three days from all unhealthy food. To tell you the truth what I would is put myself on a fast for a full thirty days and for that full thirty days eat nothing but good healthy food. After that time I dont think you would even like the taste of unhealthy food. But, it will take alot of determination, and faith in yourself that you can do it. It takes three weeks, twenty one days to break a bad habit. Eating unhealthy food is a bad habit. But, you then need something to replace the bad food with which is the good and healthy food. I guess it all depends on how bad you want to do this to get yourself as healthy as you could be. Your thinking about yourself and your life would even change. You would also be enjoying life more. But, you have to get tough with yourself, and deny yourself. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4043 days ago
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