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How To Turn Good Things Into Bad...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Been quiet this week...with me, no news is almost always NOT good news...!

I've allowed myself to get off-track through some great activities. I've learned over the years that some events can have BOTH progressive AND regressive qualities:

Cycling to the office for my commutes! Great thing! Succeeded twice in the past week. Mother Nature cheated me out of some other possible commutes. The fitness tracker lists 1152 calories for each day I commute. Whoa! Lotta calories! Good thing! I've noticed my appetite GROWING with my biking...but I don't need to worry with all these calories I'm burning, right...? PLUS I can sleep in a little longer and skip my morning treadmill routine. Oh, and eh, I'll pass on the food tracking while I'm at it...

Nordic walking...! Love it! Really working my upper body while keeping up a fast 4-4.5 mph stride (while I CAN jog at 5 mph, it really doesn't allow much working of the arms via the poles). It's been GREAT to discover our city's RiverWalk and get out for my lunchtime and sometimes after worktime walks! And like biking...I can skip my morning treadmill routine and sleep in a little longer... Oh! And since I'm working my upper body so, it's no biggie to pass on my strength training here and there...

Then Mother Nature pulls the rug out from under with rain and or cold weather which blocks either outlet. I've been so SPOILED by sunlight and warmth! Take it away and...where'd my motivation go...? This leaves me with no other choice but the treadmill...yeah that thing upstairs gathering dust...ugh! Getting up in the morning...! Or, worse yet, coming home from work when my energy is waning and realizing I haven't done any cardio but the treadmill is upstairs but...but...I pass on the whole shebang! Twice this week NO CARDIO...! If THAT doesn't leave me feeling awful...!

This slippery slope can be so danged devilishly greased and ready for a big long SLIDE! Well, not so fast...!

Catching myself tonight and getting my 'millwork DONE and surprising myself over how I really DID enjoy pumping it up for a 5-6 mph jog. Also found myself much more capable of reflecting over my slide and getting a better perspective. There doesn't seem to be any other activity that works better for reflection than my 'millwork and tunes.

I'm coming up on what I *HOPE* will be a SparkRally at our local Heart Walk on Sunday April 25th ( heartwalk.kintera.org/fa
) and even though it's not a competition I want to be looking my BEST for the event and am going to do my BEST to stick to what works for me: ALWAYS getting my cardio! Getting my THREE strength training sessions in each week! NOT looking at the calories burned by biking as an excuse for overeating! Getting back to TRACKING those pesky calories!

Later in June I've got the Relay for Life to be ready for AND I've got to make up my mind and choose either one or the other or BOTH biking events the Tour De Cure and / or Great Finger Lakes Bike Tour...BOTH of which I could conceivably tackle a CENTURY ride...which would be AWESOME, but only if I can rally to be READY for such a distance!

So tomorrow I'm hoping to bump it up to at least a 30+ mile bike ride and see how it goes.

To folks new to making over their lifestyle it might seem as though those of us who have *arrived* or nearly arrived at their goal weight have it made in the shade and life is just a breeze...

While the benefits and enhancements to my life have been absolutely WONDERFUL, the struggle continues...! Sometimes easier sometimes harder, but it's always there...


More thoughts: Had to chuckle over GRACEFULIFE's comment re: "NOOOOOOOOOO don't doooo it!"...sorta like when the creepy music comes on and you know the axe-murderer / monster is right around the corner and you KNOW the LAST thing you want to see is for that person to open the door nonetheless...lol!

I was VERY much reminded of 4A-HEALTHY-BMI's reaction to ALL those calories she was going to burn while cross country skiing and letting that thinking slip into a binge. VERY similar slopes!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post

    I was reminded of my blog, too. Glad my mishap helped someone - I'm not sure it helped ME or not, but if it helped YOU, then at least there was a positive outcome somewhere!

    I'm back to the control, too. Having that kayaking success gave me a lot of confidence back about my abilities.
    2963 days ago
  • _MAOMAO_
    For just a moment I was worried about you - I saw the 1152 calories referred to as a lot and I thought, oh my, how much does he usually eat if he thinks that's a lot of calories?

    BUT Don, you BURNED that many calories, silly Lynn - Way to Go!

    Remember to change your fitness goals to reflect calories burned for the last week. I know, either the day of or after my runs I am so hungry. Not eating when you're that hungry after exercise is not good. So tracking is your friend - I'm glad you've back to tracking so soon. We all fall down, we just have to get right back up, just as you have this week.

    Way to go, Don! emoticon
    2964 days ago
    I agree. Being close to my goal or reaching it and maintaining it can be WAY more difficult than the initial loss. At least you caught yourself before it was too late.
    emoticon emoticon
    2964 days ago
    i regonize a lot in your blog!

    Its has to be a lifestyle...

    hope your weekend is going well!
    2964 days ago
    I have to say that I did wonder when I went to catch up on blogs yesterday that there was only Monday's entry for the whole week. Not like Don. But it is definitely Don-like that you only let that "slide" last a few days. I continue to be in awe of your determination and energy levels!

    Have a great weekend!
    2964 days ago
    i hear you Don.. And i agree with Frecks.. thanks for the reminder that just because it's NOT the weather we want.. does NOT mean we can stop a lifestyle we CHOOSE.. and as most people know me.. I'm a very pro choice person in all aspects of life.. INCLUDING.. and active lifestyle.. :)
    2964 days ago
    I think when you bike to work, while you are burning the calories, you miss some of the mental benefits. You have more starts and stops and have to concentrate on traffic. Like when you first get a driver's license and you LOVE to drive but over time, you'd just as soon lay back and let someone else do the driving. There is just something about jamming to favorite tunes while working up that heart rate that clears the head and lifts the mood! You are absolutely right about not getting complacent with the ST and food tracking - especially when we are close to or at goal. Those 'ole bad habits are waiting to sneak back in if we let our guard down. Thanks for the reminder to keep a tight rein!
    Joanne emoticon vs. emoticon
    2964 days ago
  • FRECKS96
    Thanks for the reminder that this needs to be a lifestyle. We need to always be working on making today our best day. Looks like the sun might be back for a few days, hope we both get some good outdoors time in!
    2964 days ago
  • L*I*T*A*
    great blog....
    what an inspiration you are to us all.......
    have awonderful weekend...........
    blessings and hugs............lita
    2964 days ago
    Yes, no slippery slopes allowed! And while it might get easiER (and habitual), it may never be easY.

    Reading along I came to "but I don't need to worry with all these calories I'm burning, right...?" and said NOOOOOOOOOO don't doooo it!

    So, great job picking yourself up and realizing how much you LIKE being fit, and that it does take some WORK to maintain it! emoticon
    2964 days ago
    Don, do you know just how much you inspire me? Well, in case I haven't told you, YOU DO!
    2965 days ago
    Glad to read that you got back into gear (pun intended!)! I'm on that maintenance gig, too, and working hard outside the past couple of weeks has really spurred my appetite along with the huge calorie burn. You have a list of things that you have to be READY for so that is great incentive!! emoticon

    2965 days ago
  • CARRIE1948
    Good for you. When it warms up again, I want to move from cycling in the gym to outdoors to get ready for Watkins Glen
    2965 days ago
    It's so true how the successes can make us slide into unhealthy habits. Good on you for catching that slide and not giving into it for long (unlike *cough*me*cough how some people do for a lot longer). You're so right about "arriving" not being the end, by a looong shot, of how much work and focus there still has to be. Congrats on the getting your head on straight and your body moving in the right direction.
    2965 days ago
    What a great communication about the ongoing reality of the change to being healthier and stronger. Your thinking is a lot clearer now too, I think, than the days when you started. I mean, you could only fool yourself for a little while now. How excellent!!!!! I am glad for you, and I thank you for sharing "reality" - it's a gift to have you be real with us.
    Have a wonderful weekend~
    2965 days ago
    I was so tempted last week to start the cycling with all that great weather. Body had other plans when I got an upset stomach bug instead. You're blog makes me realized how blessed I was that I hadn't started or i would have been in your shoes too. Instead of joining the gym after the one week tryout, i ordered a home treadmill. Thankfully I can see that the best place is my living room and not upstairs. *grins. Thanks brother for sharing that wise advice! *grins

    Did wonder if the days of 1152 calories burned totaled more for the week than the routine of treadmill total for the week? As I'm reading this, it seems that even though you didn't work out as much this week, overall burned more calories doing the new routines than the old routine.
    2965 days ago
    Took time to read...and reflect...and understand...and STAND...

    P.S. The nature of your comment on my PLAN blog is even clearer now!
    2965 days ago
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