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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Yesterday was absolutely BRUTAL! Tuesday night I finally started feeling almost normal for the first time in several days. Unfortunately, the kids were just starting to get sick. By the evening, dd was throwing up. DS went to bed, and woke up every hour and a half with nightmares most like caused by his fever. I didn't get any sleep that night. Between his waking up, my daughter being sick all night, and my nagging cough, it just didn't happen. By yesterday morning, I was FRIED.

DS climbed in my bed first thing in the morning and threw up all over it. The house (that I had just spent the past 3 weeks trying to pull together by spring cleaning) looked like a tornado hit it since the whole family was sick. Laundry was completely piled up. Dishes piled in the sink and on the counter. Blankets and pillows were strewn everywhere in most rooms. Hadn't had the chance to shower. It was awful. lol Cue dh to call at that very moment while I'm sleep deprived, steam cleaning my mattress to check and see how I was doing.

How I love that man! LOL. He came home from work. Of course, by the time he got home, I had managed to say a huge prayer for help, picked myself up, and was able to get ds comfortable in his bed. I finished steam cleaning the mattress, started the laundry and got the bedding going. Loaded the dishwasher and cleaned up the kitchen. Even mopped it. The house was relatively inhabitable. :) He showed up with him superhero cape on with lunch. He told me to have lunch in bed. (It had dried by then, it took him 2 hours to get home. He did have to get some work done since he had been out for 2 days.) He then took over for me. I spent the afternoon napping while that wonderful man I have been blessed to be married to cleaned our bathroom spotless. I have been trying to get in there for the past few weeks, and haven't been able to get to it. He reorganized the drawers of the vanity for me, and scoured the our huge shower. It's a HUGE job, but he did an amazing job. Of course, it helps that ds was taking an extended nap (6 hour since he didn't sleep the night before).

When ds woke up, dh said I was not allowed to get up. He was going to take care of the kids. He made sure that the kids were kept hydrated, force fed (lol) and even cleaned up ds mess on the loveseat. Since he steam cleaned the cushions, he just did the entire thing. The loveseat looks great. I had been debating whether to try the steam cleaner on the couch and loveseat for weeks, but supposedly according to the tag, you aren't supposed to use water on it since it's microfiber. But since ds took it out, it couldn't get worse. lol So, the loveseat now looks great. Now I can go on doing the couch knowing that it's not going to ruin it like the tag warned.

The kids slept great last night. So did I. DD is a little weak, but she's able to eat and keep food down. She's looking 80% better. As for ds, he's finally looking a bit better. He smiled at me when he woke up. He's starting to keep fluids down and even trying to eat a little bit. He's scared to eat since he's been so sick, but He's been munching on some dry cereal. Hoping he'll eat a bit more now that it's lunch time. It might take a few days to get him up and going. He's never been that sick before, and it's not like he's old enough to really have a point of reference that he can draw from.

Tomorrow is weigh in day. All I can say for this week is that I got my 8+ glasses of water everyday. I know for a fact I wasn't anywhere close to what I should have been calorie-wise this week. I've been slowly adding food since I've been better and getting my calories in again. Don't need any setbacks. I know I have lost quite a bit this week. I also know that it will probably be back next week. Although, you never can tell. :)

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    A horrible virus went through our family several weeks ago. It sounds like the same thing. It was awful. The only plus was that I lost weight, but it has all found me and is comfortably back at home on my hips now. Your husband is a treasure! You are blessed.
    3506 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    I'm so sorry your family got hit so hard. But on the bright side...I'll bet you took off a few pounds. Here's to a healthier, slimmer, happier YOU !!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3506 days ago
    Wow. that sounds like a nightmare. Glad you are feeling better!
    3506 days ago
  • MEGANC1988
    Hope every one is feeling better! That is so stressful when EVERYONE is sick!
    3506 days ago
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