Weighing in early..good news!! I made it to the 170s!!!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Hi all,

I'm weighing in early today because I am planning to go out tonight, and do not want that messing up tomorrow's scheduled weigh in :) I'll also be gone over the weekend, so I'll miss Sunday's weigh in as well. I've really tried to eat healthy this week, but something tells me that my plateau busting is due to two factors: 1) more hardcore cardio, 2) eating to my heart's content last weekend. I think I shocked my body!! I have been waiting to share this with you all week.

I'm thrilled about making it to the 170s.. I'm even more thrilled about beginning to swing THROUGH the 170s. I have the confidence, I know I will make it there!
Lastly, people are beginning to notice. My co-worker looked at me yesterday and said, WOW, you really have lost a lot of weight! I'd been telling her, but seeing her point to my face and tummy said so much more! I responded with a hearty, "Yep, 13 pounds!" Now, I'm so close to 15 pounds I can feel it!

Okay, back to work for me! I wish you all the best of continued success in your journeys!

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