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Body Image

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I just read a blog that made me think.

Why is it when we lose weight, we have so much difficulty seeing ourselves as what we've become rather than what we were?

It's not as if I spend a great deal of time in front of mirrors. In fact, the only full-length one is in my daughter's bedroom.

Yet, when I think of me, I see this chubby woman who's perky.

That was me a year ago, but it's not who I am today.

How do you change your view of yourself to coincide with the reality. Or, is this the other side of the coin of not realizing how heavy I was?

Food has become my enemy. I have to be constantly vigilant to eat enough. It's almost as if I replaced overeating with mild anorexia.

At times, I'm hungry, so I eat, but most meals I have to remind myself to eat them.
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    This is a big, big issue. I lost 105 pounds, down to a size 10, kept it off for two years but didn't change my body image. First big stressor that came along I gained 70 pounds in six months. I believe if my body image had matched reality I could have kept the weight off.

    Congratulations and good luck to you!

    2944 days ago
    Carrie, I know you are struggling with this but you look awesome. Spend some mirror time with yourself and tell yourself that and about what are your fav parts to see. You have made a wonderful transformation!!!!! :)
    2965 days ago
    How about staring at the mirror and saying some great affirmations.

    A beauty makeover? A style makeover. offers some great suggestions.

    A PHOTO SHOOT after you are all made over. Pictures do not lie. I ought to know, I always look "heavier" when everyone else looks normal.

    I look at pics from my past, when I joined weight watchers weighing in at That is my GOAL weight now. How funny maturity and years have changed my way of thinking.

    I had another realization, I looked in a mirror in a restaurant and wondered who the women (large) was beside me. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be me! There was no longer a moment of denial left in me.

    List all the things you love to eat, and buy some! You also might not need a lot of calories now, smaller people tend to need/eat less.
    2966 days ago
    Interesting introspection. You've come so far in such a short time I don't wonder that your brain-to-eye-to-brain waves are confused. BUT, what a nice confusion to have! I don't know that there is an answer to your question(s), at least no one answer that would fit everyone.
    2967 days ago
    Yeah, still struggling also...I do think it doesn't hurt to attempt to re-acquaint ourselves with the mirror. Don't know about you, but I've been mirror averse all my life. I tried for a while to put one in front of the treadmill...but was too harsh in my criticisms of myself and did away with it...perhaps I need to attempt to revisit this somehow...

    2967 days ago
    It's tough "loving the skin your in" especially when the garment industry insists on designing and marketing to the Size 0/3/5 set. I know that I'm attractive in my own way, but putting on clothes that look so cute on the rack and popping out all over, yeah, not so much.

    Hang in there!!!
    2968 days ago
    Wish I could trade my overactive appetite for a few days with your food lassitude!

    Google "Phantom fat" and you'll find lots of references to this issue with the shift in body image (or lack thereof!)

    I'm not sure how to combat it, exactly. I know that sometimes it helps to go to used clothing stores (which is the only kind of place I like to shop) and try on things. Seeing the size of jeans I fit in on the hanger and then how I look in them in the mirror helps some.

    But it obviously isn't enough, because I'm still having these image issues.
    2968 days ago
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